Vanga Shahi Masjid

ধরন: মসজিদ / ঈদগাহ


Vanga Shahi Masjid (ভাঙ্গা শাহী মসজিদ) is an ancient mosque in Bandura, Nawabganj. Its original year of establishment is not yet known. It is believed that it was built during the period of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, that’s why it is assumed that it was built around 600 years ago.

The mosque has a legend about it. It is believed that one morning some people found it in the jungle with unfinished construction work. From that time the mosque has named “Vanga Masjid” as in the native language vanga (ভাঙ্গা) means broken. The Actual name of this mosque is still unknown.

But the truth may be like this- it was constructed at the age of Mughal Empire when Nawabganj area was a prominent merchant place. Due to erosion, local inhabitants changed their living place. At that time the mosque area was abandoned and forests grew rapidly at that area. After passing 100 years, people start making their residences in that particular area again. One day they found the mosque broken and reconstruct it.

Now it has became a well known mosque at Bandura Bazar in Nawabganj. People believe that donating here will turn their wishes true! So, the mosque has collected enough fund to built a minaret of 165 feet and still the renovation process is still going.

কিভাবে যাবেন

It’s very easy get there, once you have reached at Bandura Bus stop. Then ride on a Rickshaw or Auto-rickshaw to go at Notun Bandura Bus stop. From there this Mosque is Just few steps away.

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কোথায় থাকবেন

কি করবেন

This is the sacred place for Muslim religious people. Since, you have entered into the Mosque, You will have to abide by some rules and rituals. It’s wise not to make any noises inside the Mosque Premises. And never enter into the Mosque for taking pictures or visiting while the prayer is on go. If you have had the experience to observe this type of Mughal Stylistic Mosque previously,then there’s a option for you to compare its architectural property with others.

খাবার সুবিধা

You will find some options to eat at Bandura Bus Stop or Natun Bandura Bus stop. They serve very local cuisine. you may also find some options at Nawabganj Sadar. click here to know about the eating facilities at Nawabganj.


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