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Astagram Haor is a massive water world all around and few island like villages amid of the water. You may find few fishing boats available. Only the island like villages would be around you, nothing else. It would be the best way to explore the Haor in the rainy season from the Ostogram. For your information, six of the Upazila of Kishoreganj hold a massive Haor all together. This Haor is further extended with the Haor(হাওড়) from Netrakona, Hobiganj, and Sunamganj district. During the rainy season you can easily move from one Haor to another without interruption.

You can fix a boat for 4000 taka to visit Ostogram, then Mithamoin, and the Itna Upazila of Kishoreganj district. It would be around 8/9 hours to reach at the final destination. Which means 8:00 at night if you start at 12 pm, noon. You can hire the boat from the Kuliar Char of Kishoreganj District.

Life in a Haor is not that much easy. It is always surrounded by the water during rainy season. Its a big problem for them and they are in a predicament with this massive water. It gives them a facility to travel easily using a boat. So during the rainy season they can travel from one place to another very easily. Even local people from there use to arrange the marriage ceremony during this particular time for the better communication.

But they can not do any cultivation during this rainy period. They only depend on the fishing and no other works. All the cultivating activities are done during the dry season(locally known as late autumn), and its only once in a year. They use to cultivate for one season and use to run their family with that little amount of grains throughout the year. But during this dry season, their main transportation is walking. No other option is available. So they are confused to decide about which season is better for them. A common proverb from the Haor region is:
It is very hard to find an ample amount of empty spaces from the villages (or should say islands?) of Haor.

Everything is tightly packed and very much congested. The lavatory, kitchen, house, and all the other stuffs are in the same place. Even the domestic animals are also living so closely with them. It looks beautiful from far, specially when you are sitting on a boat and traveling. But practically its too much dirty all around and they are accustomed to this.

The sewerage water from the lavatory is dropping at the water beside their house. They are having a bath on the same water beside the sewerage dropping zone. Even they are also cleaning their dishes and taking water for cooking from the same place. They can use the tube well water, but they somehow like the water from Haor(হাওর) as it is iron and arsenic free. You can enjoy their daily life works and household works from the boat easily.

After reaching at the Astagram(অষ্টগ্র্রাম), you can pay a visit to the Kutub Shah Mosque(কুতুব শাহ মসজিদ) from there. A launch service uses to run between Astagram(অষ্টগ্র্রাম) and Kuliarchor(কুলিয়ারচর). Its in every hour or subject to every two hours. Anyone can take the service from those small ships as well.

How to go

There are several ways you can enjoy the Haor (হাওর) from Kishoreganj district (কিশোরগঞ্জ জেলা). In fact you’ll find lot of other places to enjoy the immensity of the Haor (হাওর). For example Nikli (নিকলী), Mithamoin (মিঠামইন), Itna (ইটনা) are the other places at where you’ll find the same thing. But if you are planning to enjoy the Haor (হাওর) from Astagram (অষ্টগ্র্রাম), then here are the steps.

It is obvious that you have to hire a boat for this particular tour. Also you can ride on the local public launches as a passenger, but I’ll not recommend that for you. That’s a passenger ship, you won’t enjoy it as lot of curious eyes will always focus you and record your activities inside their memory. So better hire a boat, and it can be found at Kuliarchor (কুলিয়ারচর), Bajitpur (বাজিতপুর), or even at Bhoirob bazar (ভৈরব বাজার). Just decide from where you want to hire it and how far you want to go. GPS coordinate of the Kuliarchor (কুলিয়ারচর) is (24° 9’5.03″N, 90°56’2.62″E).

You have to pay total 2200 taka for the round trip from Kuliarchor (কুলিয়ারচর) and Astagram (অষ্টগ্র্রাম). In your case it can be similar, but keep in mind that it can be around 2500-3000 Taka based on the boat’s availability as well as your ostentatious ‘city boy’ behavior. It takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach at Astagram (অষ্টগ্র্রাম). During returning it took less than 2 hours. Probably 110 minutes as it was returning with the flow of the water. GPS Coordinate of the Astagram (অষ্টগ্র্রাম) is (24°16’35.39″N, 91° 7’17.99″Ed)

How To Reach: Kishoreganj District

1. Jolsiri

From Dhaka to Kishoreganj
First trip 5:00am – Last trip 7:00pm
Fare: 130/- (subject to change)

2. Nabil Paribahan

Address: 15/1, old Gabtoly Mirpur, Dhaka-1218
Phone: 02-9007036, 02-9011143

3. Dream line

From Saydabad counter to Kishoreganj
Phone: 01711377586

4. Bus Stand: Bottrish, Kishoreganj.

Buses name:
Eshakha Service (Local)
Kishoreganj to Dhaka (sydabad)
via Bhairob. (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:30am- 7:00pm.

5. Eshakha Super Gate Lock.
Kishoreganj to Dhaka (sydabad)
via Bhairob. (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:30am-6:30pm.

6. Kishoreganj to Mymensing Via Nandail-Isshoreganj

MK Super (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:50am- 6:10pm
Kishoreganj to Tangail

7. Atithi (Two Buses)
Time: 6:45am & 7:20am
Booking your seat
Mobile: 01718 481192 ( kishoreganj counter ),
01919 019197 ( Tangail counter )

8. Esha Enterprise

Two Buses
Time: 1:20pm & 2:20pm
Counter Mob: 01713 577304
Kishoreganj to Chittagong

Where to Stay

1. Hotel Tepantor Princess

Jamirdia Master Bari, Bhaluka
Mymenshingh, 2240 Purura, Bangladesh

2. Hotel River View
Station Road, Kishoreganj

3. Hotel shahina (Resident)
Station Road, Kishoreganj

4. Bangladesh Guest House
Station Road, Kishoreganj

5. Hotel Gangchil (Resident)
Station Road, Kishoreganj

Things to do

The village is really wonderful for its scenic beauty. You can enjoy the gentle breeze that hits on the face after kissing the surface of the water. If you are a traveler, then you will always find out every bit of our traveling, interesting.

Eating Facilities

As well as you can find many more restaurant here for food.

Travel Tips

Do not try to stay in the Haor at evening for it would be safe for you.


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