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Atkandi Nilkuthi Mosque (আটকান্দি নীলকুঠি মসজিদ ) is situated in the Atkandi village of Raypura upazila, Narsingdi. It was built by a man named ‘Alim Uddin’. Alim Uddin built this Mosque just beside the grave yard of his wife ‘Sadetunnesa’. To build this Mughal stylistic Mosque he brought some masons from far land Mohishur, India. Some even compare it with Tajmahal, given its architectural style and the emotions behind it.

Alim Uddin completed his education on Islamic religion from Deobond and later worked as Teacher in a madrasa, conducted by Khawaza Family in Dhaka. Later in 18th century, he built this Mosque, however the exact date of founding this Mosque could not be determined.

Architectural property and Layout :

It is a rectangular shaped Mosque. Which can be divided into three specific spatial context. We can exemplify it as below-
1. Inner zone
2. Exterior Corridor zone
3. Exterior Porch zone (under open sky)

Inner Zone of this Mosque contains three domes, and a Mihrab. Among these, three bulbous domes, among which the middle one is the biggest. The inner zone contains two entrances.

Exterior corridor zone of this mosque is elongated in north-south forming a rectangular shape. It contains five bulbous domes, which is smaller than other three. This zone also contains five entrances which are arch shaped and decorated with multi foiled design. In parapet it’s decorated with the Merlon design. In the base line of outer wall it’s decorated with a pitcher design.

Exterior porch zone of this mosque was built considering the large gathering which take place. It’s a square shaped plastered floor, with one feet high bordered wall all around the porch. It contains a main gateway to enter into the Mosque.

Public gathering in different occasion:

In different kind of public occasions, like in the eve of Eid-festivals and in common vacations people from different parts of the country come here to visit this place. On the southern part of this Mosque there is an old Ghat (in the edge of a river) which has stepped down to the branch of Meghna river. So far we know, it was built by G.P. Wize when this region was a place to plant indigo in a massive scale.

Present Condition and ruins of several unrevealed structure:

Present condition of this Mosque is not so consistent in a sense of building strength. It is in very sensitive condition, where it is randomly being used without any treatment of conservation & preservation. That’s why we can observe some deterioration in the brick building both in Exterior & interior part.

In the northern part of the Mosque there are some ruins of buried structure. Some outer portion of that buried structure is seem like spherical shape. Which demands more exploration and systematic archaeological excavation to reveal the history behind this region.

How to go

You take a ride on a Dhaka-Bhairab Bus from Mohakhali/ Airport/ Abdullahpur and Tongi Bus stand. After reaching at Old Bus Stand (Narsingdi), you have to ride on a rickshaw to Arshinagar CNG station. Riding on a CNG you may reach to Amirgonj Railway station. From there it is just 20~30 minutes Journey by auto rickshaw or CNG.

How To Reach: Narsingdi District

The communication system of this district is very good. The Dhaka-Sylhet highway, one of the important highways of Bangladesh, passes through Narsingdi. It is only 1/2 hours distance from Dhaka. Inter-district road communication is also better from here.

Water way communication is also very good as lots of river flows through Narsingdi. Dhaka-Chittagong and Dhaka-Sylhet, two most busiest rail route of the country goes through Narsingdi. People can easily go Narshingdi by boarding this buses.

From Gulistan -Meghalay Luxury, from Sydabad & Gulistan bus terminal – Monohordi Paribahan, Anna Super Service, BRTC Bus. From Mohakhali Bus stand – PPL, Chalan Bil Transport, Arabian Transport, Badsha Paribahan.

Mohakhali, Airport Bus-stand, Abullahpur, Tongi (station road):

Address: BRTC Bus Depo, Kamlapur, Dhaka.
Phone: 9333803, 9002531

2. BRTC AC Bus Service
Route: Roptani-Abdullahpur-Narsingdi-Bhairab

3. Badsha Paribahan (Pvt.) ltd.
Route: Dhaka- Bhairab
Phone: 01710-856066, 01842-526223
Fare: 120-145 BDT

4. Chalanbill Tranport Limited
Route: Dhaka to Bhairab
Phone: 01715-019550
Fare-120-145 BDT

5. PPL Super
Route: Mohakhali – Narsingdi
Phone: 01817074515, 01845950701, 01831343894
Fare: 90-105 BDT

6. Meghalay Luxury
Phone: 01711-609199, 01711-523079
Fare: 80 BDT

The transportation between Dhaka City and Narsingdi district is quite fair. The distance from Dhaka city to Narsingdi dictrict is around 59.4 km. In train, it would take around 1 and half an hour to travel to Narsingdi from Capital city. It has 10 train stations inside the district.

Trains, travelling to Sylhet and Chittagong and only developed train, like Mahanagar usually stop in the Narsingdi rail stations. Where as Titash commuter and Egarsindhur stops in different stations in Narsingdi.

Where to Stay

1) Circuit House, Narsingdi (Government)
Phone: 02-9462083
Mobile: 01735-840294

2) District Council Postal Bungalow (Government)
Postal Bungalow Road, Narsingdi
Phone: 029463765
Mobile 01712-521274

3) Dak bungalows (Government)
Roads and public departments, Narsingdi
phone: 029463222

4) Rest House (Government)
Civil surgeon’s office, Narsingdi
Phone: 029463181

5) Rest House (Government)
LGED Office, Narsingdi
Phone: 029462260

6) Hotel Nirala
Library parti, Narsingdi market, Narsingdi
Phone: 029463393
Mobile: 01711-196699

7) Hotel Al-Arafat
215/1 siendabi Road, busstation, Narsingdi
Phone: 029463393
Mobile: 01712-130139

8) Hotels Mamataj
Patilbari Road, Narsingdi
Mobile: 01711-952120

9) Hotel Aziz
Patilbari Road, Narsingdi
Mobile: 01712070231

10) Hotel Riyaj
Patilbari Road, Narsingdi
Phone: 946 to 516
Mobile: 01712-609045

11) Hotel Tanim
Patilbari Road, Narsingdi
Phone: 9463982
Mobile: 01718-916143

Things to do

1. Explore the architectural beauty of this structure

2. Don’t forget to take pictures

3. You may sit in the Meghna river Ghat where you can chill and enjoy the gentle breeze.

4. A long vast land is empty where you can take in the fresh pristine nature for a release from the monotonous life of the concrete jungle of the city.

Eating Facilities

Local restaurants offers local cuisine. You need to search for local restaurants or click here


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