Betila House: The Forgotten Palace of Manikganj

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The Betila (বেতিলা) House in Manikganj was built about a century ago by Jyoti Babu (জ্যোতি বাবু) and Satya Babu (সত্য বাবু), a couple of affluent merchants involved in the trade of Jute, the golden fibre of Bangladesh. This palatial house is located in a remote area named Betila which is within the parameters of the modern day Manikganj proper. Explorers/travelers searching for heritage sites in Manikganj over the internet may come across several links of the famous Baliati Zamindar’s Palace but never find any links on Betila. This is primarily because the Betila House was not a Zamindar’s (Land Owner) palace, and secondly since it is located in such a remote area, people hardly know about it. Rich people of those era are known to build such palatial houses in remote areas and live lavish lives, even though they were not ‘Zamindars’ or royalty.

For someone looking for heritage sites, the Betila Mitra Union of Manikganj would be a fabulous one to come across. It’s situated in semi rural setting (being not too distant from urban areas) and doesn’t seem particularly unique on first impression but once you begin to explore it’s culture and heritage, beautiful places like the Betila House amongst several others begin to surface. The seemingly tame Betila Canal runs across the area, connecting two major rivers Kaliganga (কালিগঙ্গা) and Dhaleshwari (ধলেশ্বরী) but like most waterways of Bangladesh, one can anticipate its ferocity in full monsoon season when rising water levels which is also evident in the way it has eroded both its banks, specially at the lone bridge that was constructed some time back.

On both the banks one will come across a series of heritage buildings, the pinnacle being on the eastern bank, the Betila Palatial house surrounded by rich foliage. It’s a combined structure of two separate buildings both of which are two-storied, standing almost intact, side by side and with an expansive open field before them.

How to go

From Manikganj Bazar Bus stop, it’s just 9-10 km south-eastward. You can take a ride on a bus or CNG auto rickshaw moving towards Sinagair Bus Stop via Betila. As soon as you reach the Betila Bus Stand, It’s just a kilometer away which you may cover by rickshaw.

How To Reach: Manikganj District

There are many bus services start from Gabtoli and Gulistan to any places in Manikganj. Those are for example, BRTC Bus Service, Shuvojatra Bus Service, Padma Line etc. The fare is 40/-

Launch Service:

Aricha Launch Ghat, Manikganj to pabna/kajirhat. Fare is 35/-
From Paturia to Rajbari. fare is 30/-

Where to Stay

1. Manikganj residential boarding (Private)
208, Shahid Rafique Road, Manikganj, Bangladesh
Room and bed number:
singel- 16, Double- 10
Phone: 0651-61359

2. Nobin Residential Boarding (Private)
Manikganj basstand, Beside Nobin cinema hall, Manikganj, Bangladesh
Room and bed number:
singel- 15, Double- 7
Phone: 01712611452

3. District Council Board house (Government)
Beside Shahid Miraj Tapan Stadium, Manikganj, Bangladesh
Phone: 0651-61463

Things to do

There is a cluster of old houses and heritage sites available around this region. So it would be wise to pay a visit others heritage sites once you get there.

Eating Facilities

There are restaurants near the Bus Stop which you can check out too.


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