Gangatia Zamindar Bari

Type: Palace
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This Zamindar Bari (জমিদার বাড়ী) is currently known as Manob Babur Bari (মানব বাবুর বাড়ী) as the current owner’s name is Manab Babu (মানব বাবু) who is the last descendent of the Gangatia Zamindar (গাংগাটিয়া জমিদার). Manob Babu (মানব বাবু) has fisheries project near from his house. You can also visit the project with its owner if he is available.

According to the Manob Babu (মানব বাবু), they are the possible smallest Zamindar (জমিদার) from the Bangladesh. Their forefathers came here from India, a Brahmin family (very strictly following Brahmin). During the war of 1971, the Pakistani armies and their Bangladeshi allies have done lot of damage to their house. Right now he is living there with his wife and sister. Neither he nor his brothers (all his brothers are passed away) have any children.

Gangatia Zamindar Bari (গাংগাটিয়া জমিদার বাড়ী) is mainly a small house that is having an array of Roman styled columns at the front. The architecture and the style of the building from the front side is amazingly beautiful. Very few travelers use to visit here. This Zamindar Bari (জমিদার বাড়ী) is a small one, but it has a massive boundary. The front door is also decorated and stylish. (গাংগাটিয়া জমিদার বাড়ী).

How to go

The shortest direction to visit the Gangatia Zamindar Bari (গাংগাটিয়া জমিদার বাড়ী) is:
1) Take a battery driven vehicle from the Bottoli (বটতলী) of Kishoreganj (কিশোরগঞ্জ) town. It’s around 20 taka per person. It takes around 25 minutes to reach near Gangatia (গাংগাটিয়া). GPS Coordinate of the tempo stand is (24°26’29.65″N, 90°46’36.86″E). Dropping zone to leave the battery driven vehicle is (24°27’14.96″N, 90°42’8.58″E).
2) You’ll find nothing here. So start walking by asking direction to the local people (10/12 minutes of walking), also you can take rickshaw if available. They know this as Manob Babur Bari (মানব বাবুর বাড়ী). GPS Coordinate of the Manob Babur Bari (মানব বাবুর বাড়ী) aka Gangatia Zamindar Bari (গাংগাটিয়া জমিদার বাড়ী) is (24°27’45.63″N, 90°42’11.82″E).

How To Reach: Kishoreganj District

1. Jolsiri

From Dhaka to Kishoreganj
First trip 5:00am – Last trip 7:00pm
Fare: 130/- (subject to change)

2. Nabil Paribahan

Address: 15/1, old Gabtoly Mirpur, Dhaka-1218
Phone: 02-9007036, 02-9011143

3. Dream line

From Saydabad counter to Kishoreganj
Phone: 01711377586

4. Bus Stand: Bottrish, Kishoreganj.

Buses name:
Eshakha Service (Local)
Kishoreganj to Dhaka (sydabad)
via Bhairob. (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:30am- 7:00pm.

5. Eshakha Super Gate Lock.
Kishoreganj to Dhaka (sydabad)
via Bhairob. (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:30am-6:30pm.

6. Kishoreganj to Mymensing Via Nandail-Isshoreganj

MK Super (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:50am- 6:10pm
Kishoreganj to Tangail

7. Atithi (Two Buses)
Time: 6:45am & 7:20am
Booking your seat
Mobile: 01718 481192 ( kishoreganj counter ),
01919 019197 ( Tangail counter )

8. Esha Enterprise

Two Buses
Time: 1:20pm & 2:20pm
Counter Mob: 01713 577304
Kishoreganj to Chittagong

Where to Stay

1. Hotel Tepantor Princess

Jamirdia Master Bari, Bhaluka
Mymenshingh, 2240 Purura, Bangladesh

2. Hotel River View
Station Road, Kishoreganj

3. Hotel shahina (Resident)
Station Road, Kishoreganj

4. Bangladesh Guest House
Station Road, Kishoreganj

5. Hotel Gangchil (Resident)
Station Road, Kishoreganj

Things to do

It would be a great adventurous travel toward the Zamindar Bari, for seeking the exact information about its history. Also, taking pictures to share with others will be such a credit.

Eating Facilities

You can find many restaurants here, or referred to where to eat in Kishoreganj District, click here.


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