Mohera Zamindar Bari

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It is not sure but people believed that they have started their Zamindari somewhere around 1890. First Zamindar (জমিদার) was Kalichoron Shaha (কালিচরণ সাহা). Beside their Land Lordship, they have conducted trading related to Jute and Salt. They were the owner of huge land properties from different part of Bangladesh. During country division and war, most of them moved into India. Only very few are living at Tangail. Their attractive edifices are now become a tourist spot. Since they were rich, people says they have built those building before establishing their Zamindari (জমিদারী). Mohera Zamindar Bari has several main buildings. Each of those are presented below with short description.

Chowdhury Lodge (চৌধুরী লজ): After entering the Zamindar mansion premise through the main gate, Choudhury Lodge is the first building that you’ll find. It’s a pink colored building having Roman/Greek styled pillars at the front side. The rich ornate building is having corrugated at the roof from inside.

Its a two stored building having a garden in front of it. This building is beautiful from the back side too. There is a playground for the kids available there.

Ananda Lodge (আনন্দ লজ): In my opinion, Ananda lodge is the most stylish building from the entire premise. This building has a touch of white and blue. It has eight columns in front of the building.
Most attractive part of the building is the small hanging balcony at second floor. It seems like someone like Juliet used to pass her afternoon there. This building has a lovely garden at front side.

Moharaj Lodge (মহারাজ লজ): This is a pink colored building having byzantine design. Similar to other buildings it has 6 columns at the front side. The stair in front of the building has a curved railing which just increased its beauty.

Similar to other buildings it is a two storied building having a garden at front. Behind the garden has a tennis court. The Moharaj Lodge and the Ananda Lodge are adjoining.

Kalichoron Lodge (কালিচরণ লজ): This building is built during the last portion of the Jomidari Era. Thats why this one is looking different than other three. It is having more rooms compare to any others from the premise.
Architecture of the building is somewhat similar to the colonial era buildings. The shape of the building is like the letter ‘U’ in English alphabet. During the noon-afternoon, you’ll find a play of light and shadow for that shape from the inside of the building.

Other Edifices (অন্যান্য ভবন): Beside the attractive arhitectured buildings, the Zomidar premise has other buildings named as Kachari Bhobon(কাচারী ভবন), Nayeb Bhobon(নায়েব ভবন), Rani Bhobon(রানী মহল), etc. Also you’ll find several large ponds around the premise. Those are named as Bishaka Shagor, Poshra Shagor, etc.
1. Kachari Bhobon(কাচারী ভবন)
2. Nayeb Bhobon(নায়েব ভবন)

How to go

1) A bus from Mohakhali(মহাখালী) terminal of Dhaka will take you near to the Jomidar Palace. Best available bus services are Dhaleswari(ধলেশ্বরী) Service, Jhotika(ঝটিকা) Service, etc. These are direct bus for Tangail(টাঙ্গাইল). Ask the bus to drop you at Natia Para(নাটিয়া পারা). This stoppage is just after the Pakulla of Mirzapur(পাকুল্লা, মির্জাপুর). GPS coordinate of Natia Para(নাটিয়া পারা) is (24°10’24.32″N, 90° 1’1.49″E)

2. From the Natia Para(নাটিয়া পারা) bazaar, you can take CNG auto, Tempo, Rickshaw, etc to reach the Mohera Police Training Center, where the Jomidar bari(মহেরা জমিদার) exist. GPS coordinate of the Mohera Jomidar Bari(মহেরা জমিদার বাড়ী) is (24° 9’44.49″N, 90° 2’31.99″E).

You can use your own vehicle for the short trip. If you do so, that case turn right from the Dhaka-Tangail highway at GPS point(24° 9’52.55″N, 90° 1’3.01″E).

How To Reach: Dhaka District

Most popular transport system in Dhaka city is Rickshaw. You can find available buses (Local or direct service) in coming inside or move outside Dhaka city. There are other transport systems like Trains, Rivers and Air.

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Eating Facilities

There is a canteen available at Mohera Police Training Center. So you shouldn’t be worried about the lunch there.

Travel Tips

This Jomidar palace is currently undertaken by the Police and they have established a training center there. But they allow visitors to visit the Palace for a 20 Taka ticket per person.


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