Raikhong Lake

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Bangladesh has very few lakes enlisted under populous tourist spot. Apart from the list, there are few lakes available around the country those can be a supreme destination for any traveler. Raikhong lake is the most prominent from that promising list. The elevation of the lake has around 1165 ft.

This lake is situated at the Rangamati district, not at Bandarban. But, for its location, you have to go there through the Bandarban. That will be the easiest way among all other available, because Rangamati offers communication throw water path only, and also the lake is at the last corner of Rangamati district. No matter how you are going, it’s recommended to pick an expert or guide with you.

Around the lake, you’ll find two villages, one is at the eastern bank of the lake, and other one is at western bank. Those villages are known as Pukur Para (পুকুর পারা). May be it’s because of having around the lake. Both the village denizens are Tripura, but religiously Christian. People from West side of the lake used to do uphill and downhill task to come at the lake, but at eastern side’s villagers can access the lake easily being so close of it, and having almost at flatland.

People also call this lake as Pukur Para (পুকুর পারা) lake. Also from few local people I have heard them pronouncing the lake’s name as Raichong (রাইচং). Not sure which one will be the correct one. No matter what they are saying, or what we are, the beauty of the lake is not going to decrease by that.

Local people used to catch fish from the lake. There is no prohibition about catching fish from that giant lake. Tilapia (তেলাপিয়া) is the first choice from those fishes to stick over the net of the fishermen. At the eastern corner of the lake, there is a tiny Jhiri (ঝিরি) generated from the lake water. Probably that was created to keep the level of the lake water under control. During the rainy season the abundant water from the lake used to pass through that channel and used to join with the Raikhong Canal.

Being many hills around the lake, and the mysterious behavior from the sky, you’ll find different colorful scene at the lake water. Remember, half of the lake water is being untouched by the human. People don’t used to go those portions normally. So you’ll find that area of the lake more beautiful than the proximity of the locality. There is a helipad available at the Pukur Para Army Camp. From that high land, you’ll probably get a picturesque aerial view of the lake.

How to go

How To Reach: Rangamati District

1. Shamoli Paribahan: From Dhaka,
Sayedabad counter, Contact: 02 -7541019
Arambag counter, Contact: 02-7193910
Fakirpul counter, Contact: 02-933364
Bus starts at 9:30 am.

2. S Alam Paribahan: From Dhaka,
Fakirpul counter, Contact: 02-9331864
Bus starts at 8am and 10.15 am.

3. Hanif Paribahan: From Dhaka,
Gabtoli counter, Contact: 01190-806447
Sayedabad counter, Contact: 01191-125048
Starting time: 8:30 am

Where to Stay

Some of the hotels/motels in Rangamati are listed below for your assistance.

1. Hotel Golden Hill
Address: Reserve Bazar Rangamati
Contact: 01820 304714

2. Hotel Green Castle
Address: Reserve Bazar Rangamati
Contact: 61200

3. Hotel Lake View
Address: Reserve Bazar Rangamati
Contact: 62063

4. Hotel Sufia
Address:Kathaltoli Rangamati
Contact: 62145

5. Peda Ting Ting
Contact: 62082

Things to do

Swimming at this exquisite lake will be another charm. So don’t miss that opportunity. After a daylong hard working, you can easily be refreshed and replete your energy within few minutes. The water of the lake is very clear, and unlike the Boga Lake, there are no marsh under the water, so you can swim freely. But before swim, make sure there are no nets on the water, otherwise you can be in danger.

High level government officials used to visit the lake with their family. The used to come here using the helicopters! And stay at the army camp for a pleasing weekend.

Eating Facilities


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