Raja Ram Temple

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The great “Rajaram Mandir” which is located at the Khalia village from Tekerhat, Madaripur. If you are from Dhaka, then Tekerhat will be before the Madaripur town. Or if you are Madaripur, then it will be beside the Dhaka highway. Tekerhat is a landmark from Madaripur, actually this is under the Rajoir Upazila. Also for your information, the temple is near the “Peace Center” of Khalia. If you find it’s hard to locate the temple, then just ask people nearby about the Old Temple around. They can show you the path.

This is a two stored temple, and Bangladesh government taken control of this and promulgate this as the Archaeological heritage of the country. It’s not known when the temple was built. From the name, its easily guess that, it was built by someone rich person Rajaram. This lovely temple has noticeable number of terracotta on the wall and the pillar. The experts used to say the images from the temple actually depict some portion of the Mahabharat and Ramayan. If you are an archaeological heritage lover, then it’s a must visit place for you.

How to go

Referred to how to go to Madaripur from Dhaka, click here. One can start his journey for the monument from Madaripur town any kind of motorized vehicle. We suggest travelers to hire a rickshaw van of take a ride. They can also use CNG to explore the Madaripur. From the Tekerhat bus stoppage, its only 5 taka rickshaw fair.

How To Reach: Madaripur District

Dhaka to Madaripur distance is 426 Km and need 8 hours 5 minutes to reach Madaripur. There are available bus 24 hours a day. It is easy to go Shariatpur from Dhaka.

To go Madaripur Start journey from Dhaka to Mawa Ghat. BRTC, Procesta, Elish, Gungun, Ajmeri bus service are available Dhaka to Mawa Ghat. BRTC bus terminal is Gulistan and fair is 70/-, Procesta bus terminal are Uttora & Rampur and fair 100/-,Elish, Gungun, Ajmari bus terminal is Jatrabari and fair is 80/-. From Mawa Ghat use ferry, sea boat, troler or launce to go Kawrakandi or Majhikandi. . From Kawrakandi or Majhikandi local bus are available to go Madaripur. If you want you can take taxi to go Madaripur.

1. Chondra Paribahan
Dhaka to Madaripur
Time: 1st trip 6:30am & last trip 9:00pm
Fare: 180/=
Condition: Chair Coach
Counter Information: Gabtoli Counter, Gabtoli, Dhaka
Phone: 01718033886, 01739140819, 01671975799

2. Shohel Paribahan
Dhaka to Madaripur
Time: 1st trip 7:30am & last trip 10:00pm
Fare: 160/=
Condition:Chair Coach
Counter Information: Gabtoli Counter, Gabtoli, Dhaka
Phone: 01712040777, 8023671

From: Shadorghat, Dhaka
To: Madaripur Ghat
Time: 7:45 pm and 8:15 pm

Where to Stay

The hotel management is very good here. You can get different types of hotels here. If you want less priced hotel then you will get it & if you want good hotels then there is also no problem. Some of the hotels name is included here-
1. Zela porisod dak bangle (জেলা পরিষদ ডাক বাংলো)
Cell# 0661-62063
2. Polash Hotel (পলাশ হোটেল)
3. Shaikat Hotel (সৈকত হোটেল)
Cell#661-61505/ 01914467258

Things to do

1. To see the archaeological workings of this temple
2. Take photos
3. Learn the history of this famous Hindu Temple by asking the locals

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