Sijuk Waterfall 1

Type: Waterfall
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Sijuk Waterfall 1 is located in Rangamati District, but if you decide to have a trip to Sijuk Waterfall (সিজুক ঝরনা), you can form a group comprises couple of ebullient members from Khagrachhari. You may expect poor road condition and other hectic factors. If you start your journey after a quick breakfast from Khagrachhari town, you can start for Dighinala (দীঘিনালা) by using CNG auto rickshaw. It actually costs 500 taka, but you can bargain to manage at best 450 taka.

It would be advisable to contact a tour guide for directions. During the journey, you can enjoy the exquisite beauty beside the road from the vehicle. If you start your journey at 8:00 am, then you can expect to reach Dighinala at 10:00 am morning.

We can reach Nondoram (নন্দরাম) village by 11:00 at morning through bike. The village is beside the river Kasalong (কাসালং). This village is actually located at the Sajek union of Rangamati (সাজেক, রাঙামাটি). Before this village, an Army camp is located on the way. Travelers must entry their names to that camp. You can have tea in that village and then start your trekking again through the hillocks of Rangamati.

Some tribal people pronounce Sijuk canal as Shishuk khal (শিশুক খাল). The canal is formed after joining two mighty streams. The two waterfalls are located at those two streams. You can explore the left side stream first (furthest) and the right side (nearest) stream later.

The level of the water depends on the season, but you can expect to face around an average height of 3-4 ft. But at some points the water level is near 6 ft. Also the canal is totally covered with dark forest.

As the depth of the water is very high, the flow of the water is less. Lot of rotten leafs are available on the water. At some places, the mud under the water produce gasses with bad odors with bubbles when pressed by feet.

The more you progress, the more you welcome the Hati Poka (হাতি পোকা).Those microscopic insect bite can cause lots of pain. Wasps and scary looking mosquitoes are there too. To add these misery, you may find some leafs stinging. A soft brushing those leafs with arms cause you inflammation.

After passing through such hideous, you may finally reach near to the waterfall. We can hear the roaring sound of the waterfall but may not see that. That portion of the Jhiri (ঝিরি) is covered with large rocks. All of the rocks are covered with mosses and ferns. Those are the best hideout for snakes and other reptiles. Also crossing those stones are not easy.

After jumping and bumping through rocks, you can finally reach in front of the Sijuk waterfall. It is having mighty water flow. Shorter and mightier than other one.

How to go

In short, first go to Dighinala of Khagrachhari (দীঘিনালা, খাগড়াছড়ি). From there, hire bikes to reach at Nondoram (নন্দরাম) village. Each bike will cost 700-800 taka for whole day. From Nondoram (নন্দরাম) village, hire any local people to show you the path. They may cost you around 200 taka. If they do not know about the Sijuk Jhorna (সিজুক ঝরনা), just tell them about the Sijuk Khal (সিজুক খাল/সিজুক ছড়া), and the waterfall on that khal (খাল).

Also, if you can find the Moni Chakma (মনি চাকমা) from the Dighinala (দীঘিনালা). In that case, you’ll not require any guides. He knows the Sijuk waterfalls (সিজুক ঝরনা) pretty well. You can use his bike to ride, and use him as guide as compliment.

How To Reach: Rangamati District

1. Shamoli Paribahan: From Dhaka,
Sayedabad counter, Contact: 02 -7541019
Arambag counter, Contact: 02-7193910
Fakirpul counter, Contact: 02-933364
Bus starts at 9:30 am.

2. S Alam Paribahan: From Dhaka,
Fakirpul counter, Contact: 02-9331864
Bus starts at 8am and 10.15 am.

3. Hanif Paribahan: From Dhaka,
Gabtoli counter, Contact: 01190-806447
Sayedabad counter, Contact: 01191-125048
Starting time: 8:30 am

Where to Stay

Some of the hotels/motels in Rangamati are listed below for your assistance.

1. Hotel Golden Hill
Address: Reserve Bazar Rangamati
Contact: 01820 304714

2. Hotel Green Castle
Address: Reserve Bazar Rangamati
Contact: 61200

3. Hotel Lake View
Address: Reserve Bazar Rangamati
Contact: 62063

4. Hotel Sufia
Address:Kathaltoli Rangamati
Contact: 62145

5. Peda Ting Ting
Contact: 62082

Eating Facilities

You need to carry food and drinking water with you. Also, you can stop an Nondoram village and take food from there.

Travel Tips

This Sijuk Jhorna (সিজুক ঝরনা) is located at Rangamati (রাঙামাটি) district. But for easier access you have to use Dighinala of Khagrachhari (দীঘিনালা, খাগড়াছড়ি).


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