Upendra Sorobor

Type: Lake
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Upendra Sorobor (উপেন্দ্র সরোবর) is a rectangular shaped large pond that is located at the Nagarpur of Tagnail District. In English, the word ‘Sorobor’ means a lake. It was dug by the famous Zamindar of Nagarpur during 1381 of Bengali calendar, which is around 80 years from now. During that time the villagers needed to go far away from the home to collect water (for drinking and household works). To ease their water crisis, the generous Zamindar took initiative to dig this large water tank.

This large pond has in total 12 ghats for taking baths. The Western side’s one is the biggest one and it has a false gate on there. It also has a medium sized Banyan tree on there. Lot of local visitors use to gather here during the afternoon and they use to sit under that tree.

How to go

There are several ways to come at Nagarpur from Dhaka. You can take direct bus from Mohakhali that comes to Nagarpur. Another option can be, come to Pakutia first through the Saturia. You can get the bus of Saturia from Gabtoli Bas Terminal. The bus fare is 60 Taka per person or may subject to change. It will take around 90-120 minutes to reach at Saturia. From there using CNG driven vehicle, you can come to Pakutia. From Pakutia, you can take CNG driven vehicles to come at Nagarpur.

From Nagarpur, you can have a rickshaw or have a walk to reach the Upendra Sorobor (উপেন্দ্র সরোবর). Its GPS coordinate is (24° 2’54.21″N, 89°52’9.23″E).

How To Reach: Tangail District

It would take approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes to go Tangail from Dhaka City, via Kaliakair and Tongi. The distance is around 84.0 km. From Mohakhali (মহাখালী) bus terminal, several buses use to run for this district. It takes around 2-3 hours to reach there. Probably the Nirala (নিরালা) is the best service. After that Jhotila (ঝটিকা), Dhaleswari(ধলেশ্বরী) can be second choice. Also, you can go there by train, but I don’t know much about locomotive services.

1. Nirala Paribahan has the following regular routes from Dhaka: (Only Non-AC chair coach and normal bus services are available)

Dhaka – Tangail – Dhaka
Dhaka Counter of Nirala Paribahan:
Abdullahpur Board Bazar Bus
Counter: 01711-595776

Departure Places in Dhaka:

Transport Fare from Dhaka:
Transport fare from Dhaka to Tangail is Tk. 150 per person (subject to review).

2. Dhalessory Seatting Service
From Dhaka to Tangail
First trip 5:30am – Last trip 9:00pm
Fare: 90/=
Condition: Chair Coach
Address: Mohakhali counter, Mohakhali, Dhaka

3. Al-Rafi Paribahan

Address: Saydabad Counter
Phone: 01195374361, 01711357182

Passengers should to reach at bus stand at least before 10 minutes.
Passengers cannot carry illegal goods with him/her. In case of carrying illegal goods, the authority is not responsible for that.
Smoking is not allowed in bus.
If passengers come late at the bus stand and miss the bus, transport fare will not be given back to them.

Where to Stay

1) Palash house / night gandha residential hotels

Mosque Road, Tangail
phone: 0921-53154

2) Al Faisal Hotel Residential
Mosque Road, Tangail
phone: 0921-53918

3) Hotel Sagor Residential
New makert Road, Tangail
phone: 0921-54308

4) Apharin Hotel
Mosque Road, Tangail
Mobile: 01916782389

5) S.S rest House
akuratakur para, Tangail
phone: 0921-55180

6) Rural Electrification rest House
phone: 0921-53390

7) L.E.G.D rest House (Government)
phone: 0921-54261

8) Sugandha Hotel
Old busstand, Tangail
Mobile -01674-346815

9) Nirala Hotel
Nirala Mor, Tangail
phone: 0921-61363

10) Piyasi Hotel
Nirala Mor, Tangail
phone: 01711-352493

11) Hotel Kicokhon
Nirala Mor, Tangail
phone: 0921-55219

12) Hotel Aditya (residential)
Madhupur, Tangail
Mobile: 01716-796065

13) Hotel drim touch (residential)
Madhupur, Tangail
phone: 01717218799

14) Salban Residential Hotel
Madhupura, Tangail
Mobile: 01713-462103

15) Islamia guest house
Madhupur, Tangail
Mobile: 01917566234

16) Vai Vai guest house
Madhupur, Tangail
Mobile: 01190975539

17) Jamuna Resort Ltd.
syamasaila Vinod luhuriya kalihati, Tangail
Phone: 09239-76032-4
Fax: 09239-760325

18) Elenga Resort Limited residential hotels
Elenga kalihati, Tangail
phone: 02-9884322
Fax: 02-9881290

Things to do

1. You can take a bath

2. Also take pictures of this beautiful and years old lake.

Eating Facilities

Referred to where to eat in Tangail, click here


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