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Betila House: The Forgotten Palace of Manikganj

The Betila (বেতিলা) House in Manikganj was built about a century ago by Jyoti Babu (জ্যোতি বাবু) and Satya Babu (সত্য বাবু), a couple of affluent merchants involved in the trade of Jute, the golden fibre of Bangladesh. This palatial house is located in a remote area named Betila which is within the parameters of […]

Murapara Zamindar Palace

Murapara Zamindar Palace was built during 1890 by Ramratan Banarjee. He was a trusted person of a British Indigo Planter during the British Colonial period. At that time when the indigo planter left the country after the death of his daughter, he gifted plenty of gold and money to Ramratan. Using those, he built this […]

Bhai Girish Chandra Sen’s Old House

Girish Chandra Sen also known as Bhai Girish Chandra Sen ( ভাই গিরিশ চন্দ্র সেন), a Brahmo Samaj missionary, was the first person to complete the translation of the Qur’an into Bengali in 1886. It was his finest contribution to Bengali literature. Born in the village of Panchdona of Narsingdi in 1835 in the famed […]

Pailgaon Zamindar Bari

Pailgaon Zamindar Bari is one of the remarkable old structures of Jagannathpur in Sunamganj. This 300 years old palace was established on 5.5 acres of land. The last person of this Zamindar family was Brajendra Narayan Chowdhury. He was a famous politician at that time and a member of the congress of Sylhet too at that […]

Jora Kali Temple of Muktagacha

Sri Sri Anondomoyi (শ্রী শ্রী আনন্দময়ী) Kali temple is located at the nucleus of Muktagacha Upazila. This temple is dedicated to Nirmola Debi (নির্মলা দেবী), Mother of Maharaja Shoshikanto Acharya (শশীকান্ত আচার্য). A traveler may get confused by the name of this temple as it comes with different words in websites and it’s place. In websites, […]

Tagore Lodge

In 1895, Rabindranath Tagore came to Kushtia main town to set up his business. At that time, common Hindu families tend to set up family businesses among the partnership of family members. Tagore patronized his family business and established a private company named  “Tagore and Company”. At that time Millpara was the industrial and commercial area to […]

Muktagacha Zamindar House

Mymensingh city is one of the old cities in Bangladesh. Historically & archaeologically it is very important from tourism point of views. Once a traveler wants to travel in this district, he/she will find several places to visit. Muktagacha Zamindar House (মুক্তাগাছা জমিদার বাড়ী) is one of those. This old palace is located at the […]

Shoshi Lodge ( Women Teachers Training College)

Shoshi Lodge (শশী লজ) is located at the center of Mymensingh city which is also known as the Residential Palace of  Moharaja Shoshi Kanto Acharya (মহারাজা শশীকান্ত আচার্য). This palace is very close to the river Brahmaputra which is being used as Women Teachers Training College from the year 1952. According to the history, most […]

Alexander Castle

Alexander Castle is one of the most amazing and renowned structure in Mymensingh District. It was built by Maharaja Suryo Kanta Acharya Chowdhury(মহারাজ সুর্যকান্ত আচার্য চৌধুরী) in 1879 in the memory of the 1st zilla magistrate of Mymensingh Mr. N .S Alexander at the time of Jubili festival. It covers an area of 27.155 acres. […]

House of Poet Quazi Kader Newaj

Historic and archaeological importance of the majestic house of poet Quazi Kader Newaj, an icon of Bangla literature, has been lying uncared in Sreepur upazila town under Magura district, as the authorities concerned are ignoring its tourism potentials. The poet is specially recalled for his masterpiece of poetry ‘Shikhaker Marjada’. The poet was also a […]

Ulpur Zamindar Bari

During 1850, the greater Gopalganj area was ruled by the Zamindar. At that time, they made hundreds of buildings for their residence and official purposes. The buildings were made in the traditional Zamindar Bari look and style. In the last 150 years, most of the houses were destroyed by erosion. After being taken by the government, […]

Balia Zamindar House

Balia Zamindar House or Palace is once known as a symbol of dignity in this region. Still some of the ancestors of this zamindari estate living in Kolkata. Interviewing local folks ORB team came to about its identity and partial history, which could be possibly will help to rebuild its actual history in near future. […]

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