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Horinmara Kundo Waterfall

This waterfall is known as Horinmara Kundo Waterfall (হরিনমারা কুন্ড ঝরনা). The waterfall has a beautiful basin underneath with pristine green water that was slightly colder. The waterfall was dropping directly on that basin. And it doesn’t have any space at the front side (blocked by a small mound). That’s why it is not possible […]

Himchhari Waterfall

Many attractions are for the tourists around Cox’s Bazar. You can go Himchhari to see its Waterfall, this is famous for waterfall, though in the winter season it dwindles but during the rainy season it’s really a fabulous and full waterfall can be enjoyed. Himchhari is a beautiful picnic spot surrounded by palm trees and […]


Bisanakandi is situated at Bangladesh-India border in Sylhet. It is a landscape beauty among gardens and hills. Bichanakandi is a village situated in Rustompur Union under Guainghat Upazilla. This is where many layers of the Khasi mountain meet at a single point from both sides. Flowing from above is a high fall. Adding to its charm are […]

10 Number Jhorna

10 Number Jhorna, also called as Hajachhori Waterfall, is located at slight eastern side from the Dighinala (দীঘিনালা) town of Khagrachhari District. Local people are familiar with this waterfall by the name 10 number waterfall (১০ নাম্বার ঝরনা). Though at internet, you may find another name Hajachhora Waterfall (হাজাছড়া ঝরনা). Whatever the name is, the […]

Kasing Waterfall

After enjoying the second step/lower falls of bewitching Toiduchara Waterfall (তৈদুছড়ি ঝরনা), you can pass through an adventurous cliff and reach at the first step/upper falls of the Toiduchara Waterfall. This is known as Toiduchhori Jhorna-2 (তৈদুছড়ি ঝরনা-২) to us, and Kasing Jhorna (কাসিং ঝরনা) to the local Tripura (ত্রিপুরা) tribe. The height of this […]

Sijuk Waterfall 1

Sijuk Waterfall 1 is located in Rangamati District, but if you decide to have a trip to Sijuk Waterfall (সিজুক ঝরনা), you can form a group comprises couple of ebullient members from Khagrachhari. You may expect poor road condition and other hectic factors. If you start your journey after a quick breakfast from Khagrachhari town, […]

Himchhari National Park

Himchhari Natural Park is just around 5 kilometers apart from the main town. You can reach at that place by any kind of vehicles. To enter the area, you’ll need to buy tickets. Which is around 20 taka. There is only two place that you can enjoy at the park, one is the falls, and […]

Shohosrodhara Falls

Shohosrodhara falls, an another waterfall, located in 2 km walking distance from Suptadhara falls. This falls has almost no water like Suptadhara falls in the dry season. From the flow of the falls, “Suptadhara falls” is created. So it’s certain that if here is no water, you cannot expect any water at other one too. […]

Suptadhara Falls

Suptadhara Falls is one of the twp falls in Shitakunda Eco Park. This falls keeps dormant except the Rainy season. If you are there at rainy season, only then, you can enjoy the beauty of the falls with full of water. In the dry season, from the far side of the falls, it will appear […]

Khoiyachhora Waterfall

Khoiyachhora Waterfall is a magnificent waterfall of Chittagong. On this trail there are few more big waterfalls which are amazing. There are also some underground deep caves filled with water and fresh water natural pool. It is notable that if you want to go to first step of the waterfall you will have to climb […]

Hatu Bhanga Waterfall

Hatu Bhanga Waterfall is nearby the beautiful Horinmara Kundo Waterfall. It is just a five to ten minutes of slow walking from there. Local says, this waterfall surroundings are too slippery, that’s why it is called Hatu Bhanga Waterfall. It has a noticeable height, but the waterfall only gets full of water during the rain. […]

Chhoto Darogar Hat Waterfall

This waterfall is known as Chhoto Darogar Hat Waterfall (ছোট দারোগার হাট ঝরনা), also known as Shohosro Dhara Waterfall-2 (সহস্র ধারা ঝরনা-২) as an irrigation project (the same name) was built using the water from the falls. Shohosro Dhara Waterfall-1 (সহস্র ধারা ঝরনা-১) is located inside the Sitakunda সীতাকুন্ড) Echo Park. It is very easy […]

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