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The place is famous for the annual fair held in the month of Phalgun according to the Bengali Calendar. The fair takes place at the foot of the Mainak Hill and lasts for 13 days. Thousands of Hindus participate here from all over Bangladesh.

Adinath Temple is located on the summit of the Mainak Hill on Maheshkhali Island off the coast of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, is dedicated to the Hindu God, Shiva, who is worshiped as Adinath.

The Adinath temple clearly shows in its construction the association of the Natha community. The temple is 6 m high and measures 10.5 m × 9.75 m; the inner walls are 1.05 m thick, while outer walls are 0.60 m thick. There are three parts; the northern part, which is older, contains two square rooms (3.35 m each side) for worship – the eastern one has the image of Adinatha Banalinga Shiva and the western one has the image of eight-armed Durga (Idol).

There is no authentic proof to connect Gorakhghata or the temple with Goraksanatha, the guru of the Natha community. It may be that one of the disciples of Goraksanatha may have named the ghat at Maheshkhali after the guru. Natha philosophy evolved out of the long association of the Saivites with the Buddhists and in the 10th-11th centuries emerged Tantric Shastras. Adinatha (variants Matsyendranatha or Minanatha) emerged through this process of evolution. Nathism represents the folk religion of Bengal based on mantra-tantra and asceticism.

The entrance is bow-shaped, while the entrances on the northern and southern sides have been closed with brickwork. There are two windows, one on the east and the other on the west side. The two rooms are covered with domes on pendentives. The finials on top are decorated with lotus, kalasa and chakra. The tops of the octagonal pillars have kalasa and twined scrolls. The top of the arch on the western side has floral and the eastern one has trixul decoration. There are two niches on the southern wall. The second and third parts of the temple are recent additions.

Author: Muhammad Abdul Baten

How to go

You can easily go to Adinath temple from Cox’s Bazar. Just take a Rickshaw from Cox’s Bazar go to Ghat no 6, it will take only 15 Tk. From 6 no. Ghat you can go there by Speed Boat, it will take only 75 TK. You can also go there by Boat also. You can reach Gorakhghata by boat from Kastarighat of Cox’s Bazar.

How To Reach: Cox’s Bazar District

Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar are linked by road. You can take a bus from Dhaka to reach Cox’s Bazar. Some of the bus services are listed below for your assistance:

1. Green Line
Contact: 0341-62533

2. Hanif Enterprise
Contact: 0341-64170

3. Shamoli Paribahan
Contact: 0443449934

4. Shohag Paribahan
Contact: 0341-64361

5. S Alam Paribahan
Contact: 0341-62902

6. Shah Bahadur
Contact: 01678064880

7. Saint Martins
Contact: 01726520095

Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar are linked by air. Some of the airline services from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar are listed below for your help.

1. United Bangladesh Airways
Contact: Phone: 09606445566, Ext: 542-48
Plane ticket fare starts from BDT 5925

2. Novo Air
Contact: 09666722224, 029871891-2
Plane Ticket fare starts from BDT 6600

3. Regent Airways
Plane ticket fare starts from BDT 5800
Contact: 028953003 or 16238

Where to Stay

The accommodation facilities in Cox’s Bazar are remarkable. There are several great hotels in the region. Some of the hotels/motels in Rangamati are listed below for your assistance.
1. Hotel Seagull
Hotel Motel Zone
Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach,Cox’s Bazar
Tel: +88 0341 62480 – 90
Cell: +88 01766666530, +88 0176666653

2. Hotel Sea Palace
Kalatoli Road, Cox’s Bazar
Phone: 880-341-63692, 63792, 63794, 63826, and 63853
Mobile: 01714652227-8, 01979405051-2

3. Saint Martin Resort
Plot # ten, Block- a, Kalatoli Road, Cox’s Bazar
Phone: +88-0341-62862, 64275

4. Hotel Sayeman
Hotel Sayeman Road, Cox’s Bazar
Cell: +88-01711-022088
Phone: +88-0341-63900 -4, 63703 -7

5. Hotel Sea Crown
Marin Drive, Kola Toil New Beach
Telephone: 0341-64795, 0341-64474
Mobile: 01817 089420

Eating Facilities

As well as you can find many quality restaurants here to eating.

Travel Tips

It’s not advisable to stay in this location after sunset.


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