Bebud Rajar Dighi

Type: Lake
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Bebud Rajar Dighi (বেবুদ রাজার দিঘী) is a large pond that is located at the Egarosindur Union (এগারোসিন্দুর ইউনিয়্ন) of Pakundia Upazila. Locally this is known as Bebud Rajar Pukur (বেবুদ রাজার পুকুর), more colloquially Bebuiddar Pukur (বেবুইদ্দার পুকুর). It was built by a tribal king named Bebud (বেবুদ). He belongs to the tribe named Koach (কোচ), many people opposed it as tribe Hajong (হাজং).

Myth on Bebud Rajar Pukur:
According to history described by the locals, Bebud (বেবুদ) was a tribal king of Koch tribe (কোচ উপজাতি) from the 16th century. There are several myths/stories are available regarding this king and his pond. During a drought, he dug this large pond to ease the water crisis of his peasants. But unfortunately the pond didn’t filled with water. King Bebud (বেবুদ) saw a dream at night and heard a voice that ordered to sacrifice his wife’s life at the pond to get water on it. He shared this dream with his wife Shompa Rani (শম্পা রানী) and his wife agreed to comply with the order of the dream, but she had a toddler and asked the king about his future. She was worried about his baby’s life.

Next day, during the dream, King Bebud (বেবুদ) saw the dream again and this time he asked about his toddler son. Cause the son was totally dependent on his wife. The voice on the dream assured that the King will be given a magical ring, if he bring this ring on the bank of the pond, his wife will be given back to him only to feed their toddler son. Assuring the safety of their son, the queen went at the middle of the pond at next day and the water started to rise slowly and she was sunken inside the water when a whorl was created around her. Whenever the kid cried from the hunger, the king brought him to the pond and touched the bank with his ring. It conjured the queen back as a form of human and she gave her breast to the baby.

How to go

It is very easy to visit the Bebud Rajar Pukur. The transport option of this place is very smooth from Dhaka. Below is the route for you.
1) First come to the Goyalghat (গোয়ালঘাট) of Egarosindur(এগারোসিন্দুর). GPS Coordinate of Goyalghat is (24°15’45.64″N, 90°39’23.85″E). If you are from Dhaka, then use the bus of Jolshiri(জলসিড়ি) or Ononna(অনন্যা) of Kishoreganj(কিশোরগঞ্জ) district, or use the bus Bonna(বন্যা) of Nandail(নান্দাইল). All are available from Mohakhali (মহাখালী) Bus stand. Bus fare will be around 130 taka. Just inform the bus helper to drop you at Goyalghat (গোয়ালঘাট).
2) From Goyalghat (গোয়ালঘাট) you have to take rickshaw or have to walk to reach near the Bebud Rajar Pukur (বেবুদ রাজার পুকুর). You have to hire the rickshaw for the round trip. It will be around 80-100 taka for a round trip. It takes around 20-30 minutes to reach near the Pond. GPS coordinate of the Bebud Rajar Dighi (বেবুদ রাজার দিঘী) is (24°16’12.96″N, 90°39’29.43″E).

How To Reach: Kishoreganj District

1. Jolsiri

From Dhaka to Kishoreganj
First trip 5:00am – Last trip 7:00pm
Fare: 130/- (subject to change)

2. Nabil Paribahan

Address: 15/1, old Gabtoly Mirpur, Dhaka-1218
Phone: 02-9007036, 02-9011143

3. Dream line

From Saydabad counter to Kishoreganj
Phone: 01711377586

4. Bus Stand: Bottrish, Kishoreganj.

Buses name:
Eshakha Service (Local)
Kishoreganj to Dhaka (sydabad)
via Bhairob. (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:30am- 7:00pm.

5. Eshakha Super Gate Lock.
Kishoreganj to Dhaka (sydabad)
via Bhairob. (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:30am-6:30pm.

6. Kishoreganj to Mymensing Via Nandail-Isshoreganj

MK Super (15 minutes consecutively)
Time: 6:50am- 6:10pm
Kishoreganj to Tangail

7. Atithi (Two Buses)
Time: 6:45am & 7:20am
Booking your seat
Mobile: 01718 481192 ( kishoreganj counter ),
01919 019197 ( Tangail counter )

8. Esha Enterprise

Two Buses
Time: 1:20pm & 2:20pm
Counter Mob: 01713 577304
Kishoreganj to Chittagong

Where to Stay

1. Hotel Tepantor Princess

Jamirdia Master Bari, Bhaluka
Mymenshingh, 2240 Purura, Bangladesh

2. Hotel River View
Station Road, Kishoreganj

3. Hotel shahina (Resident)
Station Road, Kishoreganj

4. Bangladesh Guest House
Station Road, Kishoreganj

5. Hotel Gangchil (Resident)
Station Road, Kishoreganj

Things to do

1. Hire a rickshaw and take a round trip.
2. Take photos.

Eating Facilities

You can find many restaurants here, or referred to where to eat in Kishoreganj District, click here.

Travel Tips

You can visit the following things after visiting
1. The Angti Chorar Beel.
2. Bebud Rajar Pukur.
3. Shah Mahmud Mosque.
4. Sadi Mosque.


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