Christian Cemetery at Wari

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The exact location of the Christian Cemetery is at Wari. This is just beside the “Salahuddin Specialized Hospital, Wari”. Also it’s just one minute walking distance from “Baldah Garden“. This place is not publicly available for visit. Only if you have relatives are buried inside the cemetery, you are allowed to enter.

If you notice the Cemetery, you can easily distinguish two different types of architecture of the graves. One part is older one, the holy cross or the pillar beside the grave has baroque style, just like the Greek or roman style. These are older graves, around 200-300 years of old. Other part of the graves are newly build. Most of those are looks like our modern building structure.

This Cemetery is around 400 years of old. At the right side of the Cemetery, you’ll find several tombs, and large stone covered graves. All of them are several hundred years of old. Many of them are almost going to ruin. One of the tomb is of Major General Hamilton Wetch of the Bengal Army, who died on the 11th June 1856. Also there is another one where lies the body of Captain Borthwn, from East India Company, who died at 1769.

Also the cemetery comprises the graves of the soldiers who are died during the “Sepoy Mutiny” at Lalbag fort, during East India Period. Most of the name plate of the tombs or graves of this parts are almost hard to read. This is an ancient place, and our country should protect this place before everything is over. The photos will give you an idea about the ruins.

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