Hasnabad Holy Rosary Church

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Hasnabad Holy Rosary Church is considered as one of the oldest Christian establishments of Dhaka, was established by Portuguese missionaries before the advent of British colonial rulers in India. Traders came to Bengal in 1579 after getting farman a royal decree from Mughal Emperor akbar (1556-1605) for trading, preaching of Christian religion and building of churches there freely. By 1580, a Portuguese settlement including trading houses and places of worship was developed in Dhaka City.

The Portuguese catholic Augustinians constructed two churches named Holy Rosary at Hijli in the 16th century. The Portuguese followers of St. Augustine also built up Churches in Chittagong in 1601, Baleshwar and Rangamati in 1640, Bakergonj (Barisal) in 1764, Hasnabad in 1777 and Tejgaon (Dhaka). This church is located at Hashnabad, 40 kilometres south-west of Dhaka. It is the seventh church in Bengal area.

There is a big open space in front of the church. If someone watches it from the opposite of the ground, it seems like a painted picture. While entering into the compound, firstly visitors will notice Amal Ganguly memorial hall. ‘Theotonious’-the servant of God, it highlights on the board in large letters. Opposite of memorial, there is a hostel for sisters named St. Eufrejis Convent. The main church building is adjoining the convent with two minarets. It is such a beautiful art of architecture by the Europeans in Bangladesh.

There is a graveyard at inner side. A big pond is also located in the east. A lot of blooming roses welcome the religious people from the garden. The statue of crucified Jesus Christ reminds how he established his religion and sacrificed his life for the welfare of human kind. The whole church is decorated on the special occasions like Christmas and Star Sunday. In those days, visitors From different places gather there in large number to celebrate.

How to go

It’s located just nearby Bandura Bus stop. It’s just few kilometer south-west from Notun Bandura Bus Stop.

How To Reach: Nawabganj Upazila

Once you are determined to get there at Nawabganj, then it’s not something to plan for a long journey from Gulistan or Sayedabad Bus stop. Just take a Bus moving towards Nawabgaj or Dohar area, You will find yourself reach there within 45-60 minutes after departing, if the traffics is in your favor.

There are several buses moving towards Nawabganj from Dhaka. Among those

N-Mollik and
Jamuna Relax are very popular public buses available all the day long from Gulistan Bus stop.

Where to Stay

There are a couple of options available to stay at Nawabganj. Among those-

1. Shamim Guest House, Kolakopa
2. Kolakhopa Guest House, Kolakopa
3. Nawabganj Residential Hotel, Just at the other side of Jontrail bridge Proprietor: Sayed Mahfuzul Karim
Address: Nawabganj, Dhaka.
Cell: 01798831170

Things to do

Architectural significance of this Church is something to observe closely. It belongs the classical beauty of Colonial architecture. We bet, it will provoke you to visit this sacred place once again.

Eating Facilities

Referred to where to eat at Nawabganj, click here


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