Nazimgarh Natural Park

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Nazimgarh ‘Nature Park’ is located on the banks of the Sharee River at Lalakhal, a picturesque place at the base of the Jaintia Hills bordering the Indian State of Meghalaya. The ‘Sharee’ originates at a height of 1420 meters (4650 feet) from a place called Mitimyntdu, close to Jowai town of the West Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya. There, the river is known as Myntdu or “Ka Tawiarka Takam” (Our Guardian Angel) in the local Pnar (Khasi) dialect.

Encircling Jowai town on three sides, the Myntdu flows south through Leshka valley to reach Borghat village within Jaintia Hills before entering Bangladesh as the ‘Sharee’ at Lalakhal.

The river brings from the hills much sand and other minerals that give the waters a unique blue-green colour. While in the dry season the river is mild, its crystal clear water of an emerald colour, in the rainy season it become a raging torrent, at times over flowing its banks. Around 1340 AD, Ibne Battuta of Morocco, one of the gratest travelers of all time, is said to have travelled down this ‘blue’ river on his return journey after visiting Hazrat Shah Jalal in Sylhet.

‘Nature Park’ is on the banks of the river Sharee, near its sister resort ‘Wilderness’ which is located on the hillside. The ‘River Queen’ restaurant is the focal point with its panoramic view following the bend in the river. The ‘Adventure Camp’ tent site is nearby, under the shade of the surrounding trees. These comfortable tents give guests a sense of nature and adventure rarely available in other places. The clear night sky allows one to see stars with a clarity that needs to be experienced to be truly believed. It is Nature in its purest form.


How to go

Lalakhal is 45km away from Sylhet. At first a person needs to go to Sharee Ghat through Tamabil. He may use public transport like local bus or hire a car. Lalakhal is another 7km away. Anyone can take boat from Sharee Ghat which usually takes 20-40 minutes depending on factors such as season, type of vessel. To comeback similarly a person has to go by boat from Lalakhal to Sharee Ghat and then from Sharee Ghat that person may hire public transport or go to Sylhet via bus through the Sylhet Tamabil Highway.

How To Reach: Sylhet District

Three type of transportation mode is available towards Sylhet from Dhaka. You can get in there by bus, train or air.

1. Greenline Paribahan
9/2, Outer Circular Road, Rajarbag, Dhaka-1217. (BDT 850 Volvo, BDT 1100 Scania)

2. Shyamoli Paribahan

Arambagh Counter, Dhaka. Phone-7102291, 0193626023
Sayedabad Counter, Dhaka. Phone-0171-8075541, 7511019, 7550071

3. Hanif Paribahan, Dhaka offices

Panthapath: 0173-402670
Arambagh: 01713-402671
Sayedabad: 01713-402673

4. S Al Saudia

Address: Humayun Rashid Chattar, Sylhet
Mobile: 01712920909

5. Shohah Paribahan

Address: Shobhani Ghat, Sylhet
Phone: 0821-722299
Fare: Taka 1100

You will find the above bus operators from Malibag Rail-gate, Razarbag or Sayedabad bus stand. These services are available from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm.

Bangladesh Biman, NovoAir, United Airways and Regent Airways are the four operators who fly from Dhaka to sylhet. The ticket price starts from 3000 taka & it goes up to 8000 taka per pax. There are more than 10 flights every day from morning to evening.

The planes leaving Dhaka for Sylhet are

1. United Airlines
Departure from Dhaka-5:35PM on Friday: 2:20PM
Departure from Sylhet-6:45PM on Friday-3:30PM
(Schedule varies time to time)
Fair-One way BDT 3825- 6325

2. Regent Airways.
Departure from Dhaka-4:40PM
Departure from Sylhet-5:45PM
(Schedule varies time to time)
Fair-One fair ranges from BDT 4800-5700

3. Bangladesh Biman. Price of tickets ranges from BDT 3500-9940 (Single flight per day)

There are four train services from Dhaka to sylhet. They are Joyontika, Parabat and Upoban depart at morning, noon and evening. There is a new train named Kalini depart at afternoon from Dhaka. It takes 7-8 hours to reach sylhet.The ticket price is around 295 for shovon-chair & it gets 679 taka for 1st class AC.

Train Schedules:

1. Kalini Express– departure time from Dhaka-4:00PM, arrival time at Sylhet-10:30PM.Off day: Friday

2. Parabat Express– departure time from Dhaka-6:40AM, arrival time at Sylhet-1:35PM
Departure time from Sylhet-3:00PM, arrival time at Dhaka-10:30PM. Off day: Tuesday

3. Upaban Express– departure time from Dhaka-9:50PM, arrival time at Sylhet-5:30AM
Departure time from Sylhet-10:00PM, arrival time at Dhaka-5:30AM.
Off day: Wednesday in Dhaka, no off days in Sylhet

4. Joyntika Express– departure time from Dhaka-12:00PM, arrival time at Sylhet-7:50PM
Departure time from Sylhet-08:20AM, arrival time at Dhaka-4:00PM.
Off day: None
Fair of all these ranges according to compartments usually BDT 75-1018.

Where to Stay

There are a number of good quality hotels in Sylhet town. Most of those are at the Mazar road, Amberkhana, or in Zindabazar. A brief list of hotels is given below:
1. Hotel Eastern Gate & Panahar Restaurant.
2. Hotel Gulshan.
3. Hotel Dargah View.
4. Greenland Hotel & Restaurant.
5. Hotel City Link International.
6. Surma Valley Rest House.
7. Hotel Baharain Residential
8. Hotel Qureishi Residence.
9. Hotel Ajmeer.
10. Hotel Payra.
11. Hotel Supreme,
12. Hotel Palash,
13. Hotel Western,
14. Hotel Anurag,
15. Hotel Al-Amin,
16. Hotel Garden’s Inn,
17. Hotel Ferdous,
18. Hotel Panama,
19. Hotel Green,
20. Hotel Hilltown,
21. Hotel Rose View,
22. Hotel Star Pacific,
23. Hotel Tajmohal.

Things to do

There are multiple things which can be done. These include swimming, canoe in river Shari. The walking trails surrounded by hills provides opportunities for people to have leisurely walks all day or even in night and sense adventure. Besides other activities can be bird watching and sing a longs in evening.

The ‘Nature Park’ offers a multitude of activities. Apart from swimming in the river, there is Kayaking or Canoeing in the river Shari. The surrounding hills and forest have detailed walking trails. From leisurely walks to day-long or even overnight treks for the more adventurous, the ‘Nature Park’ has it all.

Bird watching is another activity for nature lovers. The park and its surrounding area one have to a multitude of birds that are unique to the region. Watching out for them or listening to their call in the early mornings and evenings is a rare and delightful experience.

Camp fires and sing-a-longs in the evening, under star filled skies (perhaps the clearest in Bangladesh), is a rare treat for the young and elderly alike.

The location, the beauty and serenity of the ‘Nature Park’ will refresh and delight visitors. For many of the young it may be the purest form of nature they will have seen. For others the ‘Nature Park’ would be a reminder as to what being in the open is all about.

Eating Facilities

  1. River Queen: This restaurant on the picturesque Shari River is unique in its setting. The cuisine stresses Bangladeshi dishes as well as kebabs, etc. Parties can be arranged on the river-bank and in winter it is an ideal location for camp fires and B B Q meals.
  2. Horizon Restaurant: This is a large airy restaurant at the ‘Wilderness’ commanding wide views of the surrounding. Breakfast for the resort is served here. It offers a multi-cuisine menu serving continental, Thai and Chinese dishes.
  3. Mountain View Lounge: Set on a hill overlooking the mountains of Meghalaya, it is an exclusive lounge which can also be reserved for meals. A view of the cloud adorned hills is a unique experience that guests will enjoy.


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