Sri Sri Shib Bari Naat Temple

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Sri Sri Shib Bari Naat Temple is a renowned Shiva Temple in Manikganj Sadar Upazila. It was established in the year 1954. But, it has been renovated in several times. It is not just a single temple but a complex of other features surrounding this temple. Goddess Kali’s murti is situated just outside of this temple in a hut. Beside this hut there is a Crematorium adjacent to a lake name Borai Khal (বড়াই খাল). Spiritually this place is very sacred one in Hindu religion. Just at the left side of crematorium there is a pond here, where local people used to have their bath in daytime.

At the time when ORB (Offroad Bangladesh) team visited that temple it was very calm & quiet. Though, it is assumed that at the night time people do worship at this temple using various types of musical instruments.

There is a tin shed house situated inside of this temple, Which is being used as a center of pre religious studies for Hindu religion. A Brahman lives in this house who teaches the children and conduct the worshiping inside the temple.

How to go

It is not quite a tough going from Manikganj Bazar bus stop. You can hire a rickshaw or ride on a shared auto rickshaw to reach at Shib Bari from the bus stop. It will cost around 20-30tk to reach there.

How To Reach: Manikganj District

There are many bus services start from Gabtoli and Gulistan to any places in Manikganj. Those are for example, BRTC Bus Service, Shuvojatra Bus Service, Padma Line etc. The fare is 40/-

Launch Service:

Aricha Launch Ghat, Manikganj to pabna/kajirhat. Fare is 35/-
From Paturia to Rajbari. fare is 30/-

Where to Stay

1. Manikganj residential boarding (Private)
208, Shahid Rafique Road, Manikganj, Bangladesh
Room and bed number:
singel- 16, Double- 10
Phone: 0651-61359

2. Nobin Residential Boarding (Private)
Manikganj basstand, Beside Nobin cinema hall, Manikganj, Bangladesh
Room and bed number:
singel- 15, Double- 7
Phone: 01712611452

3. District Council Board house (Government)
Beside Shahid Miraj Tapan Stadium, Manikganj, Bangladesh
Phone: 0651-61463

Things to do

It’s a sacred place for Hindu religious people. So, you have to keep it mind that it would be better maintaining silence while visiting this place. Hindu people recurrently visit this place for their well being and worshiping.

You may observe all of the features surrounding this temple.

Eating Facilities

There are restaurants nearby to check on at the Bus Stop.


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