Khwaja Shahbaz Mosque and Tomb

ধরন: মসজিদ / ঈদগাহ
সহযোগিতায়: Nayeem


Khwaja Shahbaz, the founder of the mosque was a prominent merchant of Dhaka. In fact, prominent is not the paragon for him. People used to call him as “Merchant of Prince”. According to the history of the mosque, it was built at 1679 AD in the surrounding of the Ramna Park.

The mosque has three large Domes, and the architecture is almost similar to the structures at the era of Mughal (Shaista Khan). The measurement of the mosque is exactly 20.73 m by 7.92m. It is comprises with three front doors, where the middle one is a bit larger compare if you compare with other two.

As a commemoration, the mosque premise has a tomb of the founder of the mosque. The tomb is decorated with only a single dome. The southern part of the tomb has a nicely shaped veranda with a curvy roof. Inside the tomb, there is something which is covered with red cloth.

Each corner of the mosque or the tomb has a firmly built pillar, which are lovely to examine. The baroque style of the pillar will certainly impress you. Neither the mosque nor the tomb has any window. That’s why when you’ll look inside the tomb or mosque, you’ll find it a bit darker, no matter how sunny the day is. Finally it is strictly forbidden for the women for “Jumma Prayer” at Friday. Using a notice board at the facade of the mosque, it’s proclaimed that they have no facilities for women for Jumma Prayer.

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