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Nahabatkhana (নহবতখানা) or Probeshdar (প্রবেশদ্বার) is one of the well known features in Mograpara, Sonargaon Upazila in Narayanganj. This gateway or entrance was built in at the end of 17th century. According to the description of ‘Zames Wise’ (civil surgeon of Dhaka in 1860s), it is located at South Ward from the Hazrat Abu Tawama Mazar and Ibrahim Mosque. There are two doors being traced on north & south side of this feature.

A story has been circulated among the local people that there was a musical Instrument around this feature which was being used for different purposes. Mainly, this instrument being used to awake people to take Seheri (সেহরি) and Iftar (ইফতার) at the month of Ramadan. Another notion is said that, it was being used to notify poor people and Musafir for Kangalivoj (কাঙ্গালিভোজ). This instrument was used for inviting people too. Now, one of the doorways of Nahabatkhana is used by public, and another one is preserved with less care.

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It’s located at Domdoma village of Mograpara union, Sonargaon upazila in Narayanganj District. It is not so tough to reach there from Mograpara Crossing of Sonargaon. Just take a rickshaw for taka 25-30 from Mograpara crossing to the Domdoma Village.

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Enjoy the sight seeing while moving towards the Nahabatkhana. It’s a feature which deserve more care and proper conservation. Keep clean your surrounding while traveling this place.

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