Nawabganj Ansar Camp (Painna Bari & Teli Bari)

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Nawabganj is one of the prominent regions in Dhaka containing a large number of old buildings and Zamindar Bari, Amongst the archaeologically or historically famous buildings the most well-known ones are Hasnabad Church, Braja Niketon,the Baghmara Moth, the Bakshanagar Church  and the residence of Khelaram.

But there are also several lesser known old buildings, mostly set up by merchants lived that region previous years, who were traders of various kinds of produces, including salt.

Over time, many of these buildings have fallen prey to locally influential land grabbers. Most of these buildings are in a state of ruins, desperately requiring due attention. Some buildings have been acquired by the Ansar & Village Defense Party (VDP), a paramilitary force of the government, and the authorities have renovated some of these structures and maintain them fairly well.

It includes the House of Harihar Ghosh, the Ansar Commandant’s current office which is now known as Nawabganj Ansar Camp (Painna Bari & Teli Bari), Loknath Saha’s House and a few more houses.

কিভাবে যাবেন

It’s just few steps away from Kolakupa Bus stop. It’s southward from the Bus stop. One can reach there by foot or riding on a Rickshaw from Kolakupa Bus stand.

কিভাবে পৌঁছাবেন: নবাবগঞ্জ উপজেলা

১। এন মল্লিক
২। যমুনা রিল্যাক্স

কোথায় থাকবেন

কি করবেন

This is one of the few places in Nawabganj Upazila belonging enormous beauty as a classical architecture. This palatial house is a very attractive location for tourist if they could get a permission to enter into this old house.

খাবার সুবিধা

Referred to where to eat at Nawabganj Upazila, click here


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