Panam Bridge

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Panam area is formed as a part of the Muslim metropolis, developed on the south of the old city, and perhaps constituted as the place of residence of the early Muslim governors’. After the Mughal conquest of Sonargaon (1611), the Panam area was connected with the ruling metropolis by construction of highways and bridges. Panam still possesses three brick bridges belonging to the Mughal period: Panam Bridge, Dalalpur Bridge and Panamnagar Bridge. The existence of these bridges and the canals enclosing the site on three sides is indicative of its being a suburban area of the medieval city.

Panam Bridge a fine old bridge constructed originally over a canal on a village road from Hajiganj to Baidyer Bazar, now located a little further to the east of Habibpur on a pucca road between Companyganj and Bari Majlis in Sonargaon. It was originally known as Companyganj ka Pul (কোম্পানিগঞ্জের পুল). The Bridge measuring about 53 meter in length and 5 metre in breadth consists of three arches, the middle arch being wider and higher providing easy passage of boats underneath. The steep roadway is formed of bricks circularly arranged. The architectural feature places the bridge to belong to the Mughal period (17th century).

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You can reach Sonargaon in that particular place by using bus from Dhaka (Gulistan). This will take around 1 hour to reach at the place. You have to get down from the bus at Mograpara Crossing. From the crossing, you have to take a rickshaw, and have to tell the puller to drop you at Panam Nagar Bridge.

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Panam Nagar, the biggest merchant’s residential zone of Bangladesh built in nineteenth century is just steps away from Panam bridge. It is worth paying a visit to Panam Nagar if you have selected Sonargaon for traveling.

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