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Every country in the world has its own currency museum as it is the symbol of a country’s sovereignty and economic prosperity. Bangladesh bank Currency Museum is being rendered into Taka Museum on the occasion of 92th birthday of Bangobandhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman on 17th March 2012.

This project is taken regarding the enlargement of the currency museum into money museum. The country’s eminent artists, architects and historians have worked together for the museum along with the central bank to make it launch.

Museum authority has collected local and foreign coins and banknotes in different ways to enrich this museum. The museum has now thousands of coins and notes from the Pala, Sena, Gupta, Sultani, Mughal and British periods. About 2500 coins and notes found in Wari-Bateshwar of Narsingdi will be reserved in this Museum. Bangladesh Numismatic Collectors’ Society handed over 100 coins of different eras to the Currency Museum of Bangladesh Bank.

The historically significant deposited coins included 48 of the Alauddin Hossain Shah era, 29 of Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah, four of Shamsuddin Ilyas Shah, five of Sikandar Shah, three of Giasuddin Azam Shah, three of Rukunuddin Barbak Shah, two of Nasiruddin Mahmud, one of Mahmud Shah, one of Shahjahan, two of Badsha Alamgir , one of Islam Shah and one of the Shah Alam era.

A museum, first of its kind in Bangladesh, will help young people to know about the currency’s history and its evolution. Not only the history of Money, this museum will also help people to get acquainted with the lifestyle, education, culture and various aspects of archaeological evolution of human civilization through coins and currencies of different eras.

It showcases coins and banknotes, which are witnesses to history, to uphold the history and heritage before the present and future generations. Efforts are already on to collect old coins and install digital signage, touch screens, LCD monitors etc to equip the ‘Taka Museum’ into a modern, prosperous, state of the art, rich in information and technology-based museum.It has been established with modern technology to attract visitors.

The Governor, Expressed his appreciation in people of the society who are coming forward to enrich the collections of the Taka Museum of the bank, Dr Atiur Rahman said those institutions and individuals who would handover old coins as presents to the museum would be gladly accepted and the presenters would be properly recognized.

Background History: A currency museum was set up in the Bangladesh Bank in 2009, which was displaying currencies of almost all countries of the world. Initiatives had been taken to expand this museum to open the ‘Taka Jadhughar’. At the end, the central bank’s existing currency museum is being restructured as the ‘Taka Jadughar’. The restructuring of the ‘Taka Jadhughar’ took place on the premises of Bangladesh Bank Training Institute at Mirpur. Along with this, the central bank is collecting obsolete coins and banknotes to exhibit in the gallery.

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You can come to see this Museum from different locations of Dhaka City. There are so many buses moving towards Mirpur-2. It’s few kilometer south-west from Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium.

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This museum belonging the Numismatics & Bank note’s beauty of many other countries along with Bangladesh. It’s the best place for Numismatist to conduct research activities. And the people who loves to collect coins, this will be the place like heaven.

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KFC, Point Cafe at the Museum Ground floor. Referred to where to eat in Dhaka city, click here


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