Bonpara Catholic Church

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Bonpara Catholic Church is located in just 1 km west of Bonpara Bazar. It is also called Mariabad Dharmapolli (মারিয়াবাদ ধর্মপল্লী) or Bonpara Catholic Mission. As the Christian authorities are called Khristamandali (খ্রিস্টমন্ডলী), the church authority’s center is the Vatican or the Rome. For the faith and spiritual attention, the local public/service donations made this area and dedicated to Mother Maria or Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

This Dharmapolli consists of the 7 villages in various Union in Boraigram Upazila, but it is situated near to the historical Boral River in Bonpara Village. In 1940, the heavenly Father Thomas kattanera (pime), an Italian priest, came to this place and established this church in 1958.

In these villages, around 7 thousand Christian believers live. Among them, 95 percent are Bangalis and 5 percent are Saotal (সাঁওতাল) and other indigenous people.

Now a days, two priests are taking care as the management of the church. They are Father Dino Jyakominelli (জ্যাকোমিনেল্লী), Pime, and Father Antani Hamsda.

How to go

After reaching at Madrasa Mor in Natore Sadar, you can find many CNG or Auto rickshaw to reach Bonpara Bazar in Boraigram Upazila. From Bonpara Bazar, take rickshaw to reach this church.

How To Reach: Baraigram Upazila

Baraigram is located at 24.3083°N 89.1708°E. After reaching at Natore Sadar, come to Madrasa Mor and take CNG or Auto Rickshaw or local buses to reach Baraigram Upazila.

Where to Stay

There are no hotels to stay at night in Baraigram Upazila. There is one Dak Bungalow, but you need prior permission to stay at there. You can stay at Natore Sadar.

Eating Facilities

You need to look for local restaurants nearby in the Bazar area. Also, referred to where to eat in Natore Sadar, click here

Travel Tips

  1. You may carry dry food and drinking water.
  2. You should reach early at the church, around 10 am morning to 12 pm. If you reach lately, you shall not be entertained and entered into the church ground.


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