China Clay Lake

Type: Lake
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The blue water lake of Birisiri (বিরিশিরি) is located at the Kulagora Upazila (কুলাগরা উপজেলা) of Durgapur Thana (দুর্গাপুর থানা) from Netrakona district (নেত্রকোনা জেলা). People call this lake as China Matir Lake, China Clay Lake (চিনা মাটির লেক), Limestone Lake, Neel Pukur (নীল পুকুর), etc. Main attraction of the lake is the water which having blue color in winter.

This is a small lake, you can say this is a pond as well. Normally the water from a pond used to be muddy, or greenish during winter. But this one is having blue color just because the china clay. This blue pond is generated after digging out china clay. According to the local people, the depth of the small pond is somewhere around 60-80 feet.

China clay comprises of lot of chemical compounds. The taste of the water is kind of bitter. May be the lake water has plenty of copper sulphet which can make the water color blue.

During your way to the blue lake, you’ll be enthralled by the picturesque view of the village and the beautiful shomeswari river (সমেস্বারী নদী). The ride was so exciting that anyone would love to do that again.

If you are a good swimmer, and confident enough over your ability, you can bring shorts to cool your body from the lake. I am sorry but there is no space for non-swimmer to take chance.

Possibly this is the only clay lake having blue water from Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ). Mymensingh (ময়মনসিংহ) has one, but that one is not that much beautiful like this one. So don’t make the place messy by dropping your crumbs around (or inside) the lake.

How to go

Referred to how to go to Netrokona or Durgapur, click here. After reaching in Durgapur, you can hire a rickshaw to visit the lake. Fix the rickshaw puller for 300 taka, and asked him to come at 7:00 at morning. This may be the only vehicle to reach at the china clay lake. The GPS coordinate of the blue lake is (25° 9’31.29″N, 90°38’22.21″E).

1. Using bus from Mohakhali bus stand come to Birishiri (বিরিশিরি).
2. Hire rickshaw from the local area. It will cost around 250-300 based on bargaining. Better book your rickshaw at night, and start riding at very early morning.
3. The rickshaw puller will guide you towards the lake.
4. It will take around 4-5 hours to explore the lake plus riding.
5. If your time is short, you can hire motorbike. This is faster but less fun.

How To Reach: Netrokona District

By road approximately 16 km (Netrokona-Mymensingh -39 km, Mymensingh City -3 km and Mymensingh-Dhaka 120 km). Also to travel directly different locations from the main city.

1. Train No. 777 (Hawor Express Intercity)
From Dhaka to Mohonganj
Time: 23:50 pm

2. Train no. 43 (Mohua Express)
From Dhaka to Mohonganj
Time: 12:20 pm

Where to Stay

1. Y M C A Rest House
Contact: Biplob Rangsa,
Birisiri, Durgapur
Phone: 01743306230

2. Shorna Guest House
Contact: Mrs. Binita Daowa,
Birisiri, Durgapur
Phone: 01712284698

3. Susong Resident Hotel
Contact: Md. Abdul Goni
Durgapur, Netrokona
Phone: 01914791254

4. Hotel Modina
Contact: Sorwardi Suruz
Durgapur, Netrokona
Phone: 01924181455

Things to do

1. Take pictures to share with friends and family.
2. Enjoy the natural view.

Eating Facilities

As well as you can find many more hotels and restaurant here to stay and eating.

Travel Tips

1. Keep fresh water all the time with you.
2. Purchase available equipments from city areas.
3. Do not make the lake water dirty by throwing anything for this our national resource.


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