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Chinishpur Kalibari (চিনিষপুর কালীবাড়ি) is one of old temples and a sacred place of worshippers in Hindu religion. So far from locals, it is almost 250 years old temple which was built by Hindu Saint Ram Proshaad (রাম প্রসাদ). He got financial support and land from a person name Ramkrishno Ray (রামকৃষ্ণ রায়) who was a Dewan (দেওয়ান) of G.P. Wize (Last Kuthial of Atkandi Nilkuthi).

He built this temple with stones & bricks. After founding this temple he got married to a local girl who was resident of this region and was daughter of another Hindu Saint named Narayan Chakrabarti. Then he stayed there beside the temple for his lifetime.

Architecture and Layout:

The exterior of this temple is decorated with flower and animal iconic figure. Total layout of this temple is in rectangular shape. In the inside of the temple, the Icon of Mother Goddess Kali is kept in North-side of the brick wall which is probably very ancient, and the Stela is made with stone. In the front side of this ancient temple, there is a another temple of Shiva. A big Banyan tree is standing just beside this temple. May be it is the same years old as this Temple is. In the western side of this temple, there is a large pond.

Festivals in Temple Premises:

This temple becomes so festive in every year at new moon of Bengali month Boishakh (বৈশাখ) and Joistho (জ্যেষ্ঠ), While a local fair is celebrated lasting for 3/4 days at the Temple premises. People from distance come to watch this local fair which is a place of extensive collection of local arts & Crafts. For the people of Hindu religion this fair is very important event and they usually don’t miss it. Another attraction of this temple is every year at the time of fair there are a huge number of billy goats is sacrificed in front of Kali Goddess to make her satisfied with the blood of animals. In course of time this tradition is losing its popularity as many rich people of Hindu Religion had left the country at the time of dividing Indian sub-continent in the year of 1947.

Present Condition:

Very recently a gigantic temple is being constructed outside of the main building of this temple & it is totally covered with the new gorgeousness. Hopefully, it will be one of the most exclusive and gigantic Kali Temples in Bangladesh. Nearly, 80 million BDT will be spent to build this Temple.

How to go

It is just 1 km west from Narsingdi, Bhelanagar Bus stand. After reaching in NArsingdi, tuse the local transport to reach that place.

How To Reach: Narsingdi District

The communication system of this district is very good. The Dhaka-Sylhet highway, one of the important highways of Bangladesh, passes through Narsingdi. It is only 1/2 hours distance from Dhaka. Inter-district road communication is also better from here.

Water way communication is also very good as lots of river flows through Narsingdi. Dhaka-Chittagong and Dhaka-Sylhet, two most busiest rail route of the country goes through Narsingdi. People can easily go Narshingdi by boarding this buses.

From Gulistan -Meghalay Luxury, from Sydabad & Gulistan bus terminal – Monohordi Paribahan, Anna Super Service, BRTC Bus. From Mohakhali Bus stand – PPL, Chalan Bil Transport, Arabian Transport, Badsha Paribahan.

Mohakhali, Airport Bus-stand, Abullahpur, Tongi (station road):

Address: BRTC Bus Depo, Kamlapur, Dhaka.
Phone: 9333803, 9002531

2. BRTC AC Bus Service
Route: Roptani-Abdullahpur-Narsingdi-Bhairab

3. Badsha Paribahan (Pvt.) ltd.
Route: Dhaka- Bhairab
Phone: 01710-856066, 01842-526223
Fare: 120-145 BDT

4. Chalanbill Tranport Limited
Route: Dhaka to Bhairab
Phone: 01715-019550
Fare-120-145 BDT

5. PPL Super
Route: Mohakhali – Narsingdi
Phone: 01817074515, 01845950701, 01831343894
Fare: 90-105 BDT

6. Meghalay Luxury
Phone: 01711-609199, 01711-523079
Fare: 80 BDT

The transportation between Dhaka City and Narsingdi district is quite fair. The distance from Dhaka city to Narsingdi dictrict is around 59.4 km. In train, it would take around 1 and half an hour to travel to Narsingdi from Capital city. It has 10 train stations inside the district.

Trains, travelling to Sylhet and Chittagong and only developed train, like Mahanagar usually stop in the Narsingdi rail stations. Where as Titash commuter and Egarsindhur stops in different stations in Narsingdi.

Where to Stay

1) Circuit House, Narsingdi (Government)
Phone: 02-9462083
Mobile: 01735-840294

2) District Council Postal Bungalow (Government)
Postal Bungalow Road, Narsingdi
Phone: 029463765
Mobile 01712-521274

3) Dak bungalows (Government)
Roads and public departments, Narsingdi
phone: 029463222

4) Rest House (Government)
Civil surgeon’s office, Narsingdi
Phone: 029463181

5) Rest House (Government)
LGED Office, Narsingdi
Phone: 029462260

6) Hotel Nirala
Library parti, Narsingdi market, Narsingdi
Phone: 029463393
Mobile: 01711-196699

7) Hotel Al-Arafat
215/1 siendabi Road, busstation, Narsingdi
Phone: 029463393
Mobile: 01712-130139

8) Hotels Mamataj
Patilbari Road, Narsingdi
Mobile: 01711-952120

9) Hotel Aziz
Patilbari Road, Narsingdi
Mobile: 01712070231

10) Hotel Riyaj
Patilbari Road, Narsingdi
Phone: 946 to 516
Mobile: 01712-609045

11) Hotel Tanim
Patilbari Road, Narsingdi
Phone: 9463982
Mobile: 01718-916143

Things to do

  1. You can take a look at the architectural beauty of this structure.
  2. You can experience some unique rituals of worshiping in Hinduism
  3. Enjoy the structural beauty of newly built temple covering the old ones

Eating Facilities

Referred to where to eat in Narsingdi, click here


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