Shivbari Temple and Zamindar Bari

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Shivbari Temple, around a hundred years old, is one of the top historical places in Barisal Division. Every year, in this temple, on 14th of Falguni month, massive celebrations go on for three days with different puja programs and fairs. At the first day of this festival, people conduct a congregated worship in accordance to the Hindu religion.

On the next two days, the colorful carnivals continue by following religious customs and traditions. Although it is primarily a ritual practiced by the Hindu people, both Hindus and Muslims participate in the Fair. There is a Zamindar Bari just near to this temple.

How to go

Shivbari Temple and Zamindar Bari is located in Jhalakathi Sadar Upazila, 232 km away from Dhaka city. From the gate of Jhalakathi Upazila, you can take a rickshaw/auto to reach Kheyaghat. From there, you have to take a trawler to cross the river and then by a road vehicle (CNG/motorcycle) you can get to the Shivbari in the village named Ponabalia.

How To Reach: Jhalakathi District

The following buses head to Dhaka from Jhalakathi:

1. Sugandha Paribahan-Departure time from Jhalakathi: 7:45AM, 8:45AM, 09:45AM and 10:30PM. Phone no-01739025815(Jhalakathi)

2. Druti Paribahan– Departure time from Jhalakathi: 8:00AM, 8:30AM, 3:00PM, 9:00PM and 10:00PM. Phone no-01712617435(Jhalakathi).Phone no-01674005799(Jhalakathi)

3. Hanif Paribahan– Departure time from Jhalakathi-7:30AM, 8:45AM, 10:00AM, 11:45AM and 10:00PM. Phone no-01712154115(Jhalakathi), 01716422550(Jhalakathi), 017130149572(Dhaka), 02-8056366(Dhaka)

1. M.V. Tipu-Departure time from Sadarghat, Dhaka-7:30PM, Arrival time in Jhalakathi-5:00AM-7:00AM.Departure time from Jhalakathi- 6:00PM.Arrival time at Dhaka-5:00AM-7:00AM. Fair Deck-130BDT, Single Cabin-800BDT, Double Cabin-1500BDT.
Phone no-01721978652

2. Sunadarban-Fair and time of Departure are same as M.V Tipu. But departs from Jhalakathi at odd dates, departs from Dhaka at even dates. Phone no-01712811092

By Steamer:
1. T.S Masud: Departure time from Sadarghat, Dhaka-6:00PM, Arrival time in Jhalakathi-5:00AM-8:00AM.Departure time from Jhalakathi- 4:00PM.Arrival time at Dhaka-5:00AM-8:00AM.Fair-Deck-100BDT, Single (Second class)-395BDT, Double (Second class)-790BDT, Single (First class)-655BDT, Double (First class)-1310BDT. It Departs Tuesday and Friday from Jhalakathi, Monday and Thursday.

2. T.S Ostrich: Everything same as T.S Masud but it departs Wednesday and Saturday from Jhalakathi, Tuesday and Friday from Dhaka.

3. T.S Lepcha: Everything same as T.S Masud and T.S ostrich except it departs Monday and Thursday from Jhalokati, Sunday and Wednesday from Dhaka.

Where to Stay

The accommodation facilities in Jhalakathi are as follows:

1. Dhansiri Rest House: Kalibari Road, Jhalakathi-Phone no-0498-62212

2. Halima Boarding: MD Aziz Sadr road, Choumatha, Jhalakathi-Phone no-0498-62286

3. Arafat boarding: Phone no-0498-63589

Things to do

  1. You can shop from the fair that takes place on 14thPhalgun. Many stalls can be seen displaying various different items for sale. Most popular item of the fair is Bengali sweets.
  2. You can get to know more about the culture and rituals practiced by the locals.
  3. It is a unique and very old temple, worthy of taking pictures.

Eating Facilities

There are a few restaurants along highway road and in the local markets, most serving Bangladeshi standards. But expectations regarding food should not be high.

Travel Tips

It is preferable to visit Shiv Temple during the celebratory period from 14th Falgun. It is more enjoyable at this time of the year as you will get to see more of their customs and take part in the fair.


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