Mahajampur Ahamad Shah Mosque

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Mahajampur was an ancient Muslim ruled region. This region is situated few miles north to Sonargaon town area. There is a Mosque found here, named Mahajampur Ahamad Shah Mosque, which was built around in 16th C.E. The style of bricks engraving and placement of dome charms the visitors. There are so many Scholars who had described the location and beauty of this mosque at different time in various writing. Among them, ‘Parvin Hasan & A.K.M. Zakaria’ described its beauty in their writing.

Many ancient evidences of human settlement has been found along with this Mosque & Mazar structure. Archaeologist found a big quantity of ancient bricks wherever they conducted excavation in that region. Two inscriptions being discovered from this Mosque. From one of those inscriptions we came to know about Sultan Shams Uddin Ahmad Shah (1432-1436 AD), which make it named after by his name. But, it has been said that someone named Firoz khan built that Mosque.

This is a six domed Mosque, which is built following the stylistic beauty of Baba Adam Shahid Mosque. Domes over the roof are bearing the evidences of Sultani Architecture of Bengal. It contains various design and decorations which is certainly something needs to be observed meticulously.

কিভাবে যাবেন

It’s just few kilometers away from Mograpara Bus stop. If someone moving through Tarabo Upazila, then you have to step off at Borpa bus stop. From Borpa Bus stop its just 5km east ward and Just near at Mahajampur Bazar.

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A  sacred place to observe the spiritual beliefs, rituals in that region. And if someone wants to study more about the migration of those Sufis and Shadhus in Bangladesh. It’s a perfect place to wondering around.

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