Bangladesh Parliament

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Bangladesh Parliament or ‘House of the Nation’ or ‘Jatiyo Shangsad’ is located in capital Dhaka with area of 208 acres. It was designed by Louis Isadore Kahn and made of concrete and marble showing a rich blend of ancient and modern architecture. Use of different geometrical shape and floating outlook are some different attractions of this glorious creation. You can visit only surroundings and lakes of the Parliament as it is not open for all.

Parliament of Bangladesh is a unicameral legislature consisting of 350 members of which 300 Members from 300 territorial constituencies that is one from each constituency, on the basis of adult Franchise. The remaining 50 seats are reserved for women who are elected by the aforesaid elected Members in accordance with law on the basis of procedure of proportional representation in the Parliament through Single Transferable Vote. This provision for 50 reserved women seats will continue for ten years from the beginning of the 9th Parliament.

As per provision of clause (3) of article 72 of the Constitution, the term of a Parliament is five years. It is ordinarily dissolved on completion of five years from the date of its first meeting after the general elections. The President has the authority to dissolve the Parliament earlier, if at any time he is satisfied that there is no Members of Parliament. The term of Parliament can be extended beyond 5 years by an Act of Parliament by not more than one year at a time when the Republic is engaged in war.

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It will be better if you can hire a rickshaw and go around it. The best time to visit is obviously in the daytime but you can come at night here also.

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  • Entry Permits/Fees
  • Need permission to watch parliament activity. Not open for everyone.



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  • The Constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh gives the legislature the name Jatiyo Shangsad in Bengali and House of the Nation in English. It is commonly known as Parliament.

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