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Mahisantosh an important center of administration and learning in the medieval period. Present Mahiganj and Santosh under Patnitala in Naogaon district were known as Mahisantosh. There is a legend that a darvesh (saint) came to the place on the back of a fish and hence the name. There is also a tradition that the place was named after mahipala I (c 995-1043 AD). The general plan of the site and the discovery of some military weapons, particularly a gun and some swords, now on display at the varendra research museum, indicate that it was a fortified military outpost with ditches and ramparts and sprang up long before the coming of the Muslims. The discovery of an inscription in a mihrab with the inscribed images of Visnu and Surya on the reverse testify that Mahisantosh existed as an important centre before it was made the headquarters of a Sarkar by the Muslims.

The place emerged, in the mid thirteenth century, as a seat of learning. Shaikh Yahiya Maneri is reported to have received his education there under the guidance of the celebrated Shaikh Taqiuddin. Persian sources tend to suggest that this place became a repository for the saints of the Suhrawardi Order. It became a mint town in 1459 during the reign of Ruknuddin Barbak shah (1459-1474) and was renamed Barbakabad after the sultan. The construction of a good number of mosques during the Sultanate indicates that the town had been flourishing with a considerable number of Muslim populations. It continued to be a mint town up to 1521. Barbakabad occurs as a Sarkar and a city in the Ain-I-Akbari. As an urban centre it might have lost its importance towards the close of the sixteenth century. From the seventeenth century it ceases to be mentioned as a place of note.

The extensive area, now in ruins, is covered with thick jungle. There are 4 or 5 mosques, a tomb of Muhammad Shiran Khalji and two tombs of saints, all in ruins. The tomb of Shiran, mentioned in Tabaqat-I-Nasiri, is now unrecognizable in the scattered ruins of some brick structures, compounds, a tank, and a walled garh.

Written by: Md Akhtaruzzaman

How to go

How To Reach: Naogaon District

Buses can be used to get between major towns, or else rickshaws for small distances. There are two major Bus Stand/ Stop in Naogaon District. The First but small one is “Dhaka Bus Stand” , where usually you will get buses to go to Dhaka, Bogra, Sylhet and Chittagong mainly. The other one is “Baludangga Bus Stand” situated almost at the end of the Naogaon Municipality. At “Baludangga” Bus Stand, you can get buses to travel to Paharpur, and other Sub-division of Naogaon District, such Sapahar, Nazipur, badalgachi etc.

The other most convenient options is the “Bangladesh Railway”, from “Santahar” Railway Station. You can find numerous trains from “Santahar” to various district in Northern & Southern Bangladesh. Using First class ticket is a very convenient way for foreign Tourists, to be safe and pleasant journey, and price is also very reasonable in fact Bangladesh Railway is cheap.

SR Travels has regular routes from Dhaka to Naogaon: (Both AC and Non-AC are available). Counters of SR Travels in Dhaka:

1. Kollyanpur Bus Stand (Counter-1), phone: 02-8013793, 02-8019312,
2. Abdullahpur Bus Stand, Phone: 01711-944023
3. Gabtoli Bus Terminal, Phone: 02-8011226
4. Bijoy Nagar, Kakrail, Phone: 02-9352118
5. Mohakhali Bus Terminal, Phone: 02-8834833, 01552-315831
6. Kollyanpur Bus Stand (Counter-2), Phone: 02-8060876

Some bus services from Dhaka to Naogaon are:

1. Shayamoli Paribahan – TK 350-450
2. Hanif Enterprise – TK 350-450
3. Ekota Paribahan – TK 350-450
There are plenty more services almost similar, but air conditioned services give a little deluxe flavor.

There are a number of luxurious intercity services between Dhaka and Naogaon each day. Railway station in Naogoan is “Santahar Junction”, which is situated at the end of Bogra. However it costs just TK 15-20 to reach Naogaon by rickshaw or CNG-powered auto rickshaw.

From Dhaka to Santahar, Naogaon Intercity trains from BimanBandar: Except “Nilsagar” all the train can be embarked on from “Kamlapur Junction Station, Dhaka” as well. Just add around 35-40 mins prior to the time given for Bimanbandor (Bengali of Airport) time.

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
772 Rangpur Express Monday Airport 5:58 AM Dhaka 6:35:00 AM
771 Rangpur Express Sunday Airport 9:33 AM Zamuna Bridge (East) 11:32 AM
705 Ekota Express Tuesday Airport 10:22 AM Dinajpur 7:10 PM
706 Ekota Express Monday Airport 6:43 AM Dhaka 7:40 AM
751 Lalmani Express Friday Airport 10:42 PM Lalmonirhat 8:20 AM
752 Lalmani Express Friday Airport 8:28 PM Dhaka 9:05 PM
757 Drutajan Express Wednesday Airport 8:12 PM Dinajpur 5:00 AM
758 Drutajan Express Wednesday Airport 5:10 PM Dhaka 5:55 PM
765 Nilsagar Monday Airport 8:36 AM Nilphamari 5:30 PM
766 Nilsagar Sunday Airport 7:35 AM Dhaka Cantt 7:45 AM
Note: All the train above touches “Santahar”, destination above are end destination of the train.

Where to Stay

1. Hotel Agomoni
Address: Muktir Mor, Naogaon.
Manager: Md. Salah Uddin Parvej,
Phone: 0741-63351

2. Hotel Obokas
Address: Par-Naogaon, Santahar Road, Naogaon.
Manager: Md. Abdul Azij Chowdhury,
Phone: 0741-62356

3. Afsar Rest House
Sadar Hospital Road, Naogaon.
Manager: Md. Khayrul Alam Advocate,
Phone: 0741-63153

4. Archaeological Rest House, Paharpur,
Phone: 0571 89119

Things to do

  1. There are many things to see like seen in mosques like Darasbari mosque, Chhota Sona mosque and Kusumba mosques.
  2. You can pay a visit to the remnants of Zamindar Bari.

Eating Facilities

If you are hungry you may search for restaurants or fast food shops nearby. You may also carry your own food.


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